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have committed to being Multi-Dimensional Beings.

CountUP to One Million Multi-Dimensional Beings

Join us in catalyzing the emergence of Homo Energeticus, the Multi-Dimensional Human and the creation of a sustainable and liveable planet. Together, let’s be counted one, by one, by one until we reach the tipping point and emerge a new species.

  • If you want a more sustainable & just future, become A Multi-Dimensional and stand with others to manifest the world you dream of.
  • If you want that future sooner, rather than later, become A Multi-Dimensional and join the ever-increasing wave of humankind that is building, one, by one, by one, to reach a tipping point. At that time a shift will occur in the consensus reality and the predominant beliefs will manifest. Express your desires for the future. Facilitate the changes you dream of.
  • If you want to glimpse that future now, become A Multi-Dimensional, and learn about the world into which we are all moving. All that is required is your commitment to open, to awaken and to change your consciousness. From that point on, your evolutionary journey begins.
    We are evolving into a multi-dimensional world in which there is no form (There is only energy.), no time (Intention creates what is desired.), and no polarity (There is no war, no poverty, no abuse and no inequality).  Granted it will take some time for that full evolution to unfold, but in the meantime, we can open to that reality and assist it to manifest.  We can learn about that unseen world of vibrations that influences us every moment of every day.  And we can all stand together and be counted as pioneers leading the energetic evolution into the future and seeking energetic solutions for the new energetic challenges we face.


Learn ~ “The 7 Essential Things to Know
to Meet the Challenges and Maximize the Gifts
as YOU Evolve into a Multi-Dimensional Being.”
RECEIVE this FREE Report when you join the CountUP Campaign.


This campaign was started by Elaine Seiler
the author of the new groundbreaking book
Multi-DimensionalYOU – Exploring Energetic Evolution
in which she reveals a new explanation
of the changes taking place on the planet today.
This evolution is shifting all humans
from homo sapiens to homo energeticus.
For more information click here to go to the Homepage



Take three small steps to join this campaign


1)Read this ~

Statement of Commitment to becoming
a Multi-Dimensional Being -

  • I choose to ‘see’ and act from a positive perspective.
  • I sense that an energetic evolution is unfolding and choose to be part of it.
  • I open myself to the new energies coming onto the planet and allow them to flow freely through me to achieve the highest good of all.
  • I recognize that the old ways of perceiving will not produce answers to the current issues; “we need energetic solutions for the new energetic challenges before us” *quoted from MD
  • I claim my multidimensional self and seek to work with all beings for the earth’s evolution.

2) Say ‘YES’! Whisper it to yourself. Share it with your family and friends. Yell it from the rooftops. However you are moved to Commit… that is perfect.

3) Click here and help us to promote this campaign

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Privacy guaranteed: your name will not be used for any other purpose than to be added to this list, and we will only contact you if there is something important to share with you about this project.




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