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Bonus #1 >>> Seven Steps to Oneness: Journey to a Whole New Life – by Guy Finley – 8-hr Course on 8 MP3 Downloads – currently selling for $24.95 but yours FREE with a Multi-Dimensional YOU purchase.

When all is said and done, there is only one freedom that cannot be diminished, and only one place where its abiding peace can be found: All that your heart longs for lives within your True Self. Your True Self is fearless, loving, and totally free. Realizing its unlimited life as your own enables you to enter a whole new world within yourself whose very ground is the unshakable strength, security, confidence, and contentment you were born to know.

During this groundbreaking audio program you will discover, explore, and learn to work with timeless principles that will help you to empower the evolution of your soul. Learn for yourself the great secrets of spiritual success that not only help you to make positive changes in your relationships at home, with friends, and at work — but that will lead you to an ever-increasing and intimate relationship with the Infinite itself.

Realize the greatest gifts heaven and earth have to offer: Unshakable Confidence – Sensitive Strength – Perfect Peace – Total Freedom – Timeless Beauty – Conscious Compassion – Incorruptible Love ~


Bonus #2 >>> 6 week LOVE MY LIFE personal empowerment programwith Kimberly Ann Coots – Currently selling for $57 but yours FREE with a Multi-Dimensional YOU purchase.

Topics for the 6 weeks include:
AWARENESS – Clarity: An assessment to create awareness of your fulfillment level in each area of your life (self, spirit, relationships, career, wealth and health), what areas to focus on to be more fulfilled, and other awareness exercises.
HEALING – Transformation: identify the self limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back and engage in the tools to transform them.
CHANGES – Courage: tools and insights to foster courage, faith and clarity to make positive changes in your life. Understand the ego and how to engage it to work in your highest good, rather than sabotage it.
BOUNDARIES – Personal Power: create personal agreements for yourself and a plan to help you honor them.
LIFE PURPOSE – Meaningful Purpose: learn the 3 levels of purpose and identify what your purpose is at each level.
DESIRES – Abundance: create a burning desire statement and a heart’s desire blueprint, engage the flow of abundance formula and tools for manifesting.

Through working with the information, tools and exercises provided,
you will be well on your way to creating the life of your dreams!


Bonus # 3 >>> Breakthrough to Achieve – 5 Lesson Training Course – by Chaney Weiner – currently selling for $79 but yours FREE with a Multi-Dimensional YOU purchase.

In the Breakthrough to Achieve 5 lesson training course you’ll learn:
*The Number ONE Obstacle that Interferes with Wealth Building more than anything else which very few people are aware of.
*Why you are doing things you don’t want to do and how you can start doing the things you love most.
*The #1 strategy you must have in order to make quantum leaps in your life that very few people follow.
*How to overcome the 3 tricks your mind uses to keep you stuck so you can start attracting more of what you want.

Here are some of the tools and techniques you’ll receive:
*The main questions to ask so you can identify what is most important to you that help you attract what you want.
*The important question to ask yourself that increases your level of deserving in any area of your life.
*A simple technique that shows you how to overcome mind chatter that keeps you stuck
*A list of positive self talk phrases to use and negative self talk phrases to avoid

Chaney Weiner is a sought after authority on human potential and personal development. He is the founder of the Chaney Institute of Human Potential, an organization dedicated to empowering people worldwide in all seven areas of life (Financial, physical, family, mental, spiritual, vocational, and social) by helping them discover their hidden brilliance and uniqueness based on what is most important to them.


Bonus #4 >>> “Find Your Bootstraps Then… Tug!”
12-pg. ebook – 365 Ideas For Raising Your Happiness Vibes -

The Dalai Lama said, “I believe that the very purpose of our life is to seek happiness …the very motion of our life is towards happiness”. When asked if it is really possible to be happy, the Dalai Lama replied, “Yes, I believe that happiness can be achieved through training the mind”. “By bringing about a certain inner discipline”, the Dalai Lama continues, “we can undergo a transformation of our attitude, our entire outlook and approach to living”.

Being happy is a choice and a state of being that you can create anytime.
Collect Thea Westra’s free “Find Your Bootstraps Then… Tug!” 12-pg. ebook to help you create those moments. Share Thea’s happy video and the Forward Steps free collection of 365 mini-actions to raise your happiness quota!


Bonus# 5 >>> The 8 Principles of Creative Consciousness: The Heart of Creativity Revealed - Ebook + Meditation MP3 - by Astra Spider and ClareShale Mountain Star – The Empowerment Shamans of Abundant Heart

Abundant Heart

Explore insights into Universal Wisdom regarding how to consciously create your life as you envision it. Astra and ClareShale have designed this product to help you connect with and embody the 8 Principals of Creative Consciousness.

This groundbreaking E-book/Meditation MP3 combo provides a structure for you to explore -
Create Your Life: The 8 Principles of Creative Consciousness
  • Intention
  • Vision
  • Manifestation
  • Boundaries
  • Abundance
  • Universal Love
  • Perception
  • Connection to All


Bonus# 6 >>>
Shaeri Richards is an award winning author, and filmmaker dedicated to helping others release emotional pain by awakening to the healing power of the soul. Her latest work, “Dancing with your Dragon: The Art of Loving your Unlovable Self” is an easy to read, yet deeply profound book that gives us permission to clearly see our “Inner Dragon” without judgment. Once seen, we learn to “dance with our dragon” through understanding, acceptance and the embrace of a compassionate heart. Shaeri is happy to gift you today with Three Downloadable Audio Meditations: “Opening the Heart,” “Meeting the Child Within,” and “The Vessel of Light.”




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