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Featured Product

Multi-Dimensional YOU book cover

MULTIDIMENSIONAL YOU ~ Exploring Energetic Evolution -
by Elaine Seiler

Review by Richard Fuller -  Senior Editor Metaphysical Reviews

If you are sensing, but not understanding the enormous changes in your life and world, this book is for you.
Author, coach and seeker Elaine Seiler, proposes that you are feeling the shift in vibrations happening on the planet today, a shift she calls an energetic evolution. Elaine is an energy worker. So what you ask is an energy worker? Elaine explains, “My body is used as an instrument or conduit for the energies sourced in other dimensions. These energies move through my body and vibrate out into the field to do whatever is required. If the vibrations present are chaotic, they are smoothed out. If they are sluggish, they gain strength. If they are too fiery and rapid, they are slowed down in order to create harmony and balance.”
Can you imagine having such abilities yourself? Ms. Seiler believes we are each capable of effecting the energy around us. Multi-Dimensional You can assist the awakening of your inner energy worker. It can activate your understanding of energy and how it is affecting your life, your body and your emotions, especially as we progress during this very significant evolution that is happening on our planet today.
This reviewer especially appreciated the eye and mind opening Chapter Six. It speaks of how we can shift the energies that are present in our lives. We learn that we are anchors providing stability. We are amplifiers, tuning forks, seed-sowers, lightening rods, resonators, transducers and even bridges between people and between dimensions.
Ms. Seiler writes, “Awakening to the unseen world has changed and enriched my life. Where confusion, anxiety, depression and hopelessness abound around me, my dimensional opening has given me an increased feeling of well-being, a stronger sense of security, and a new level of faith and confidence.”
Multi-Dimensional You is the author’s life and learning experience from “…a dimensionally handicapped person to a more and more dimensional being”. More, it is a journey of discovery, a transition to a less physically dense and more energetic state of being
Multi-Dimensional You is a superb choice for open-minded people who wish to become even more open minded. If you want to read a book that can change your life, read Multi-Dimensional You and its companion, Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook, reviewed separately below.
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YOUR MULTI-DIMENSIONAL WORKBOOK - Exercises for Energetic Awakening

Here is a brilliantly done manual for those of you who have (or are about to) read Multi-Dimensional You. Author and seeker Elaine Seiler has designed Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook as a further explanation and guide to facilitate your journey to becoming an Energy Worker.

Unlike many other workbooks, Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook follows page by page and chapter by chapter including areas for the reader to make notes and do exercises that coordinate your understanding of Multi-Dimensional You to an even higher level. Ms. Seiler writes “My hope and intention is that you are awake to the concepts described in this book. When something unusual occurs, you can say to yourself, “I am not alone. I know there are others experiencing some variation of this situation””.

Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook is a truly effective tool to understand your transformation. It can help you learn the language of energy to further enable you to travel the energetic pathways. “The changes we humans are going through are not small of insignificant. They require time to be understood and practiced …the book you hold in your hands shares my experience and my understanding” says Ms. Seiler.

This reviewer truly believes if your are seeking a book that can changes your life, you should run, not walk, for your copies of Multi-Dimensional You and Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook!

Richard Fuller

Senior Editor
Metaphysical Reviews

Review by Allie Phillips -

Through her own experiences, Elaine has crafted a helpful and reassuring guide on how energy workers, and those desiring a multi-dimensional life, can remain balanced during significant change. “Listening” to energy, guides and direction is an important part of navigating our experiences and living in harmony on planet Earth, while her 16 Commandments on energetic manifesting are essential to living in alignment with your life path. The timing for the book is no coincidence when mankind and Earth are struggling for balance during evolutionary growth.

Allie Phillips is the Author of "Defending the Defenseless: A Guide to Protecting and Advocating for Pets" that includes a chapter on energy healing for pets www.alliephillips.com

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Energetic Musings


No matter how delicious the food, how festive the decorations or how joyous the holiday activities, when the Xmas, Chanukah, Kwanza, Ganapati and New Year’s Eve are over, many of us are left with stress and remorse.

We wish the festivities could continue.  We are sad that loved ones were not present or have returned home, leaving us feeling empty and alone.  We are frustrated with the ordinariness of our routines.  We wish our lives were different. We feel hopeless that such change will ever be possible.  Somehow the high moments of the holidays exaggerate all the feelings we had before but were able to mask and hide even from ourselves.  What can we do to relieve this angst?

stressI am not going to suggest a trip to the therapist, a dose of Valium or an herbal remedy for depression. I am not going to tell you just hang in there, you will feel better in time, rather I am want to introduce you to a whole new way of perceiving and coping with post holiday stress.

Let’s deal with the post holiday stress from this energetic viewpoint.

New Year’s is over; you are headed back to work, to school or just to the ordinary responsibilities of everyday life.  The excitement and magic of the holidays are over and all that is left is commuting to work, conveying the kids to their lessons, managing two jobs to make ends meet and/ or coping with a partner who is not holding up his or her end of the marital agreement to love, honor and cherish you. 

What can you do?  The answer is  - to shift gears, just the way you would shift gears in a car.  Shift from a low gear to a high gear, shift from a low and limited state of vibration that is low and limiting to one that is higher and in which the feelings of remorse, disappointment, frustration, depression, anger, hopelessness and self-loathing cannot exist. 
Negative feelings have low, slow or heavy vibrations. Positive feelings, like joy, happiness, fulfilment, laughter, hopefulness, harmony and peace have high vibrations.  When you have those positive feelings; the negative ones just disappear; they cannot exist in the vibrational field of the high vibrations.  It is a little like a cube of ice that cannot survive in a cup of hot water.  The cube of ice is a lot like our negative feelings; it’s vibrations are dense and slow.  The faster, higher vibration overtake the slower, lower ones.  Your depression at the thought of the ensuing year being as difficult and challenging as last year or your anger at your boss for not treating you with respect or your frustration with you kids that they did not appreciate what you worked so hard to buy for them for Xmas or your disgust with yourself for overeating and now having to face weeks of dieting to get into those gorgeous new jeans, your sadness that your father who loved  children so very much, passed away two months ago and was not present at the Christmas dinner to see your new baby, none of these feelings can exist once you shift gears to a higher vibrational state.

So how do you achieve this shift?  How do you let go of these very real and deeply held emotions? How do you change energetic gears?

Stop. Take a few deep breaths and become as calm and balanced as you are able.  Continue breathing until you feel yourself letting go of the angst.  Move into a neutral state.  Go into a state of no feelings as much as you are able.  That neutral state is a special place, where the vibrations are calm and balanced and from which you will be able to shift into a higher state of vibrations just by imaging yourself there.  No, this is not magic.  It is actually possible to imagine feeling as you did on Xmas Morning.  Sense/feel the excitement and anticipation of the opening of holiday gifts.  See in your mind’s eye the Chanukah Memorah all lit and glimmering before you.  See the different colors of the Kwanza candles and Ganapati adornments and sense the different feelings that each color elicited.  Whatever holiday you have just celebrated, in your mind’s eye return to the celebration to feel whatever aspect of it was joyful and happy.  And, if by chance, there was some sadness and shadow over your holidays, take yourself on an imaginary trip to a place or time when joy was present; it doesn’ t matter where you go in your mind in that neutral state as long as you shift gears from the negative place that was dragging you down to a neutral or positive state that raises your vibratory field.  It is essential that you move into a positive state in your mind. 

In that new state of mind, the depression, hopelessness, sadness or anger you felt just a moment ago cannot be present.  The vibration of joy is higher, faster and stronger than the vibration of sadness.  They cannot co-exist. 

Your challenge is to shift, in your mind to a positive state.  Feel it, enjoy it, celebrate it and then become aware that you are no longer depressed or sad.  This new state may only last a moment or it may last a whole evening.  However, long it continues, congratulate yourself for your shift and for your achievement at energetically shifting gears.  Then repeat the process, over and over and over again as many times as is necessary until you can sustain the new state. 

And, while you are doing this, pay attention to what occurs in your environment, because change will actually occur.  As you become positive in your perspective, good and positive things are drawn to you; people with positive attitudes, opportunities and experiences will be drawn to you.  It will seem like magic, but it is not.  You will have transformed the energetic world in which you live and in so doing you will have created a new physical and energetic reality.  The physical world around you will begin to reflect and mirror the vibrations in your being that you are creating with your thoughts. 

stressAs like draws like, when you are positive in your thoughts, you will draw positive experiences to you. 

Try this exercise...Share it with your friends and family.  Teach it to your children and watch the seeming magic occur as post holiday stress becomes post holiday peace as you realize that you can shift your way of being every day of the year, any time you will stop, detach from that which is disturbing you, go into neutral and bring in the positive energies of joy, peace and harmony.

Now I cannot promise that every situation will permanently change, but you will shift and the moments will alter and if you are able to keep changing the moment -moment by moment - eventually, you will experience amazing changes in your life. 

Remember those invisible vibrations around you are real, as real as the chair on which you sit and the magazine which you are reading.  Continue to remind yourself that this is so.  Feel the negative vibrations and then feel the new positive ones.  Are they not real? Which ones would you rather experience?
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A great deal has been written about manifestation, most of which I totally accept and follow.  And, from a multi-dimensional perspective, I believe there are a few missing pieces. 

manifestingThe new multi-dimensional world is composed of much faster vibrations than the world that has existed for centuries.  The rules of the old world are no longer effective in this new, faster environment.  For centuries, scientists have talked of the pulse or heart beat of the earth as being 8 cycles per second. In 1980, they indicated that it had increased to 12 cycles per second.  It is believed to be even faster today. Time as we know it, is no more.  It is faster than we are accustomed to and getting faster. What you once accomplished in 24 hours, now must be done in 16.  It also means that the process of manifestation is intrinsically different for the world is different.

In my book, Multi-Dimensional You, I devote a chapter to what I call the 16 Commandments of Manifestation.  The first ten of these commandments or guidelines worked well in the three dimensional world in which most people live according to their five senses.  Truth is seen, heard, felt, tasted or touched or it was not ‘truth’. 

Manifestation required that you:
1) Set a clear intention,
2) Insure that your beliefs are in alignment with your goals, 3) insure that your values support your intention,
4) Require excellence and integrity in every step of the process of moving towards your goal.
5) Hold an unshakable commitment to your goal, no matter the hindrances, no matter the odds, not matter the challenges.
6) Build a strong foundation.
7) Follow through physically to the goal
8) Release all toxicity
9) Observe and Respond to the subtle messages or metaphors in the field.
10) Express gratitude for all you have.

These are excellent guidelines, but they are no longer enough.  Those rules of manifestation worked in a world of slower vibrations.  In the newly evolving world of faster and faster vibrations we need new guidelines for manifesting our desires.
In this new world into which we, as a human species, are moving, truth exists beyond the five senses; it encompasses the invisible, intangible world of the other-dimensions and requires that we pay attention to the new subtle clues that we mostly overlooked before.
Now we must expand our perspective to pay attention to the multi-dimensional aspects of our world in order to manifest our goals.  Without this added level of awareness, we may not be able to consistently achieve our dreams. 

There are six additional Commandments to follow in order to manifest one’s goals in the new multi-dimensional reality.
The most important of these is to create an energetic throughway from you to your goal and to keep it constantly open.

manifesting3The energetic path from you to your goal is as real as the physical highway from your house to your place of work. Ignore either and you will not reach your destination. You must be vigilant about both. If the road on which you are travelling is blocked, you must notice and take the detour suggested.  If your subway is cancelled, you must find an alternate route to work.  Likewise, when you sense/feel that the energies are stuck between you and your goal, visualize them flowing freely like a river. Intuit where they are blocked and remove the energetic as well as physical challenges. Remember, we have moved into a world in which the energetic realms are as important as the physical ones. 

Let’s look together at a specific example.

You and your five children are living in a two room apartment and you dream of a larger home with a lovely yard in which your children can play, a home that you can afford and that will support you and your family in the years to come.

(1)You start with your statement of intention. 

I would like to manifest a home for myself and children that will meet all our physical and emotional needs.

You might draw a picture of the home you desire, cut out an image from a magazine or list all the aspects of the home that you desire. 

(2 & 3) Then you need to check your beliefs and your values.  Do you truly believe you deserve such a home.  If you doubt your deservability, you will not be able to make this dream come true.  If your values say, I shouldn’t have such a home while others are starving, that too would block the path to your dream.

(4) Now comes the action aspect of this process.  Every step you take must be in integrity.  Do you pay your rent or mortgage on time?  Do you treat your current home with care and respect inside and out?  Do you interact with your neighbors in a kindly and caring manner?

Now what about #5 or your unshakable commitment?  You are currently doing two jobs and are barely making ends meet; you doubt your ability to turn your luck around.  Such a belief would block the path right from the start.  Or you are severally handicapped and fear that your handicap will make it impossible to manifest your dream.  Your challenge is to trust that no matter what, despite all odds, you are committed and you will do whatever it takes to reach your goal. 

(#6 & 7) What constitutes the next two commandments – a strong foundation and diligent follow through?  These two directives involve looking at ads, telling realtors of your situation and your goal, talking to social service agencies, filling out applications, basically doing everything you, and everyone who is committed to assisting you, suggests that you do.  You never know where or how Spirit will intervene to bring your dream to fruition. 

(#8.) Next comes the release of all toxicity.  Here, I am referring to any negativity that might block the road.  This could mean distancing yourself from a friend, relative or realtor who tells you that your goal is impossible or who is distracted by their own issues so that they do not support you as you feel is fair and just. Or it might mean asking those around you to hold a positive attitude, rather than a sceptical or negative one. Anything that is negative, doubtful, resentful, angry, vengeful or frightened could be toxic to you and your process as you attain your dreamed of goal.  Trust, peace, balance, harmony, joy and laughter are the positive emotions you need to maintain to counter the negativity which is a boulder in your road.

(#9). Observe and respond to the subtle messages or metaphors in the field. What do I mean by this commandment?  If, for example, you keep seeing the name of a rental agent 3 -4 5 times in your daily paper.  It seems to catch your eye, every time you see it and then you hear it on the radio as well.  Stop and respond.  The Universe is trying to get your attention. It is not an accident that you have noticed this person’s name so many times.  Call them, even though you cannot imagine how that individual could help you.  Spirit works in strange ways.  You have no idea what the result of a simple call or email might be.

(#10) And finally express gratitude for all you have.  This is critical.  Without gratitude, the universe does not seem to respond to our dreams for all that is, is good and prefect, even if it is now what we wish it to be, and we must acknowledge that. 

manifestingOK, now we are ready for Commandment #11, one of the more energetic guidelines.  In your mind, create an energetic throughway from you to your goal.  See, visualize, draw, paint, describe a path from where you are to where you want to go, from your small apt to your new home.  Visualize that path in any way that is comfortable to you.  Imagine all the possible blocks and remove them in you mind’s eye.  And keep removing them in your imagination every time they reappear.  You may need to do this only once a day or you may need to clear the path 30 or 40 times a day.  It doesn’t matter as long as you keep the path open.  Yes, you must remove physical blocks, but in this Commandment I am asking you to pay attention to any energetic blocks or anything in the vibrations and frequencies in or around you that might slow down or stop the process of manifestation.  We looked earlier at our attitudes and beliefs and hopefully you released those that were hindering you emotionally and psychologically; now it is time to look from a energetic vantage point. Is everything in the environment around you vibrationally harmonious?  Are all the people with whom you are working on your goal energetically resonant?  If someone in your family, team or group are of a vastly different frequency, then it may drag the whole team down and you will experience discord and obstacles, rather than smooth sailing and successful manifestation. 

Everyone and everything along that throughway from you to your goal must be energetically aligned.  If something is not harmonious, it must be removed; if someone is not aligned, they too may have to be replaced. Perhaps you have a cousin or husband, who is negative and dissonant with the process.

If either of them intrudes and pulls you off your energetic throughway, the situation must be corrected.  The intrusive cousin or fearful, untrusting husband, must be lovingly removed from the energetic field so that the energy can flow freely.

And, once the energetic highway is open, reinforce it regularly with your intentions, affirmations, prayers, and visualizations, actions and trust that you will be walking that path physically very, very soon. 

But remember...and here is a clue to another of the five remaining energetic Commandments.  The Universe has it’s own timing, which we often cannot perceive.  Trust that timing.   Let go, even while you are working towards your goal. Allow it to unfold...and keep trusting while you patiently let go.  . 

For more information on the multi-dimensional world and the Sixteen Commandments to manifestation in that world, please go to:


(This section was adapted from Elaine’s new book, Multi-Dimensional YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution.)

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An Invitation

Please join me on The CountUP Page of the Multi-Dimensional YOU website.

Please go there, read what it means to be a Multi-Dimensional Being and then, BE COUNTED.You are important.Your commitment to the future of the planet is important. Obviously more that a declaration of belief and commitment are required to make the planet a heaven on earth, but it is a powerful step. It sets your intention.It adds your vibration to the mounting wave of positively oriented frequencies. And, if enough of us make that declaration, the energies gather and a tipping point will be reached. Then, the positive changes we all dream of will be achieved. PLEASE BE COUNTED.  

Happy Holidays

And so as, we move towards the end of Dec. and the New Year draws close, I wish each and every one of you a fabulous, fulfilling, festive, joyous and laughter-filled holiday season.  May the light shine brightly in each of your homes, filling your hearts with joy and peace.  And may that light shine forth to all around you.  May we, as one people, move closer to peace where there is conflict, abundance where there is scarcity and justice where there is inequality and inhumanity.  May we move towards a multi-dimensional world where polarity does not exist and love is the way......  And so it is!


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