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Multi-Dimensional YOU - Book Launch

My long awaited book is finally ready ...

On 11/11/11 I am launching
Multi-Dimensional YOU: Exploring Energetic Evolution AND
YOUR Multi-Dimensional WORKBOOK: Exercises for Energetic Awakening.
To get your copy on that day, go to www.multi-dimensionalyou.com

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Happy reading!  Joyous evolution!  May your journey be gentle and fulfilling!


Featured Product

Angel Words cover pic

The Shift In Consciousness

This month my recommendation goes to the unique book, ANGEL WORDS, by Doreen and Grant Virtue.  As the subtitle implies, this book offers “Visual Evidence of how words can be angels in your life,”.  A few years ago, Masaru Imoto stunned the world with his photographs of water crystals and demonstrated visually how the crystals were effected positively  or negativity by our attitudes and words.  Now, Doreen and Grant have added to the literature by offering a different kind of visual proof of the effect of words.  They have offered us a range of graph-based  depictions of the vibrations of a wide range of words.  The book is best described in Doreen’s own words. “We were astounded by this visual representation of positive and negative utterances!  Here was tangible evidence of high and low vibrations within speech.  The positive words exhibited a much bigger impact like light shining radiantly.  Meanwhile, the negative ones looked tight and constricted.”  While I believe that anyone can learn from this presentation and be prompted to shift their language, for a student of energetics like myself, this book provides invaluable tangible support of the powerful effect of the energy world on the physical one.               

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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

What a nightmare!  All Qantas flights cancelled.  Thousands of passengers stranded.  Weddings missed.  Holidays lost.  Payments forfeited.  Irritation rampant.  No easy solution in sight. That is the physical snapshot of the situation in Australia as Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, called for a lock down on all Qantas flights on Friday, Oct 29th, as a way of breaking through the stalemate with the unions.  Like the Occupy Wall St. movement, here we see another  ‘old system’ that doesn’t work.  Anger is rampant; desire for change is acute.


What about the energetic perspective?  What does it reveal?
Airlines and air travel signify movement and movement is symbolic of change. Very new when initiated, air travel as it is currently managed, no longer works.   

It is the perfect reflection of one of many systems on the planet that no longer work.  While horrible in its details and for the individuals effected by the lockdown; energetically, that is just the way it is showing up in physicality to get our attention, to prod the powers that be to change, to indicate to the world in a significant way, that the new world requires new solutions.  From the energetic perspective, it is just that and nothing more.  Does that seem hard-hearted, compassion-less and removed from reality?  It is not meant to be.  I have great compassion for those affected by the grounded flights.  However, from a multi-dimensional or energetic perspective all of it is just energy expressing itself; nothing more, nothing less.  

It is not about the stress of those involved or the unfairness of the situation for so many.  It is about those individuals involved in this situation, offering themselves at a soul (unconscious) level to participate in this lockdown for the good of the collective...for the higher good of catalysing a new system.  When I perceive in this different, energetic manner, my emotions balance and situations like this one, become much easier to handle.  Can YOU put on your multi-dimensional spectacles and begin to see the world this way?  I hope you will try those glasses on; I believe you will find life much more manageable and more interesting.

All the best,

Elaine Seiler

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings

On 11.11.11

I am fascinated by double and triple numbers.  They catch my eye and intrigue my mind, esp. when they come into my consciousness repeatedly.  My license plate has a triple 2 or 222 on it.  When I travel, I am often placed in room 222 and many times I wake in the night at 2:22.  I recently had some dental work done. The procedures were identified for insurance purposes as #222. Wow...what is the significance of this synchronicity?  I interpret it as a message from the Universe to wake up and pay attention and to know that I am guided and cared for at every moment.  I have read that 222 indicates that “my thoughts are aligned with truth” (Laura Wanke. Intutitive Journal.com.) I agree with that interpretation. And I would add that the specific messages may be different in each situation and for each individual.

We, as a species, are about to receive a major inflow of energies on 11.11.11. or the eleventh day of the eleventh month.  I feel the build-up in me.  I imagine you do as well.  As I faced the choice of what day to launch my new book, I was immediately drawn to this date.  It was a gut feeling, so strong that it pushed me to override all the rational signs to wait a few more weeks to give me more time to prepare.  No, I had to launch on 11.11.11.  I was absolutely committed to surfing the energy wave of that date.  I went in search of more information on what I felt intuitively to be a very special day.  

What I have learned is a combination of Numerology, Astrology, Energetics and Channeled information.  11.11.11 or  signifies new beginnings, amplified 6 times...in other words an enormous opportunity to make way for the ‘new’’. We are advised to shed the old, let go of the past, clean and clear our houses, bodies, emotions and our minds and allow a space for the unexpected and unknown on every level of our beings.  And, to know that as we clear at the physical level, old wounds from the Akashic records are also being cleared.  Laura Warnke describes 1111 as "a wake up call for a conscious spiritual journey."

On 11.11.11 (or around that time period), there will be an enormous inflow of energies from the higher planes of reality, beyond the third dimension, that will cause the energies on the planet to dramatically increase their speed or vibration.  We, physical earth beings, will then have to adapt and adjust to these new vibrations.  This speeding up of vibrations has been going on for some time, but this particular day will bring an especially large boost to the vibratory field. As physical beings, we may or may not feel the shift; we may feel comfortable or we may feel queasy or experience other minor symptoms of imbalance. It makes sense to remind ourselves that the stress will pass.  Let us give our bodies time to acclimate to the new faster energetic environment.  During this time period, the veil between the dimensions will be very thin; our psychic abilities may be more acute than ever before; we may see, hear or feel things we have never experienced before.  Let us enjoy the new sensitivities and treasure rather than fear them, for they are a gift and may continue as the vibrations on the planet increase in speed. 

This day is a portal or gateway, a kind of spiritual initiation day, leading to the activation of a new and awakened consciousness, to a spiritual adulthood or galactic citizenship, or what some call ‘ascension’. No, I do not believe we will all be lifted off the planet is a great silver spaceship; rather, I believe that we, as a species, will accelerate our waking process, remove our dimensional blinders and understand and live life in totally new ways.   I believe that shift in consciousness is an energetic evolutionary process. 

Though this one day is specified for this event, I do not believe the change will happen all at once, but 11.11.11 designates the pinnacle of the new energies coming onto the planet activating the changes that will ensue over the following months and years.

We, as human beings, are all involved in this process.  NO ONE is exempt.  No one will be left behind.  However, we all have a choice as to how fast we progress and how much fun we have along the way.  That depends on our attitude/ our openness or our level of resistance to change.  Acceptance is the key to facilitating this process. The more open we are, the less we resist, the more gracefully and smoothly we, and those around us, will move through this transition period. (Yes, there is a ripple effect.)

For those of you drawn to the Lake Titicaca in Peru or Sedona in Arizona, know you are right on target as those two areas represent the two key focal points on the planet for the particular energies of 11.11.11. It is said that the major crystals deep within the earth in Arkansas will be activated on that day.  They will then be joined energetically via the crystalline grid around the earth with the major energy vortex in Sedona, Arizona, to create an energy bridge that will balance and anchor the new energies on the planet for the coming changes leading to and through 2012. (Historically, this has been referred to as the joining of the Eagle and the Condor by the indigenous peoples.). As these two portals or ‘sun disks’ as they are sometimes called, are activated, they will set off a chain reaction, activating the 12 other sun disks or giant energy transformers around the globe, greatly facilitating the regulation and bridging of the energies between the dimensions.

Phrases like ‘mass triggering’, ‘spontaneous combustion’, ‘igniting the fire’,  ‘unlocking’, ‘exponentially amplifying’, 'anchoring and activating' are used to describe the power of this 11.11.11 wave of energy.  Let us awaken to its power and receive it with open arms.  Let us 1 by 1, by 1 embrace this new beginning for the human species and for the planet.  Let us each be counted as contributing to this shift of consciousness.  Let us be grateful to be alive on planet earth at this momentous time in history.  And let us face the forthcoming journey with hope and a positive intention for a gentle transition and extraordinary outcome. 

Say ‘ Yes’ to the changes!  BE COUNTED.
(Click here to learn about the COUNTUP CAMPAIGN).  Happy 11.11.11!

For more information on 11/11/11   SEE:


http://bit.ly/oWDZPW  Paradigmsearch.hubpages.com



http://www.IntuitiveJournal.com (The Meaning of Repeating Numbers)  

Steve "Aniel" Pitt, Lightworker Guild 

Story of the Month

Multi-Dimensional YOU book coverMessages from the subtle realms

This month’s story is my story...shared with you via the following interview/podcast on the FuturePrimitive.org site.  Enjoy it... but remember, my answers on this audio are only a glimpse of my new book. 

Click here to go to the Podcast

To get the whole story you only have to wait a few more days. On 11.11.11. the digital versions of Multi-Dimensional YOU will be available from the book's website www.Multi-DimensionalYOU.com.  
Paperback and hardcover versions will be available on Amazon.com soon after.

NOTE: Purchasing or ordering during launch week will give you access to a  great selection of bonuses on our bonus page.

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