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The Shift In Consciousness

There are many books on the market about spirituality and many on science and/or quantum physics, but this is one of the first I have come across that truly bridges the gap between the two. Co-written by a scientist and a medium, this book provides answers to the four most widely asked questions or our time: Who are we? Where do we come from? What are we doing here? Where are we going? Join Bendris and Loken as they take you on a metaphysical tour of the universe and through their clear sharing, help you find answers for yourself . Extremely interesting...

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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

What an amazing time we live in! We face change on every corner – which can be met with fear or excitement, resistance or eagerness. For me, it is not a matter of accepting or rejecting change. Rather, I am having a challenging time, just keeping up. It seems no matter what I tackle and complete, something else pops up that demands my attention. I feel I am racing only to stand in place. And then I remember that it is time to stop, to breath, to rest, to contemplate, to be grateful for what has been accomplished, rather than irritated by what remains to be done.

Eric Francis, Astrologer and author of www.PlanetWaves.net. describes 2012 as “everything all at once.” He states in his Sept 28th daily post that this has begun and will continue and build as we move into and through the coming year. It is hard to imagine greater intensity than exists today, but I sense he is correct. How will we cope? What tools do we have at our disposal to manage the emotions, demands, and reactions to the shifts we face on the planet and in our personal lives? Eric Francis suggests that this is a time to be “yourself fully, and “to live the life that is right for you. Clinging will not work – making conscious and informed choices will work a lot better.” Such is the demand of the Uranus and Pluto square. “Uranus in Aries is about stunning self-awakening. Pluto in Capricorn is about changes to the very roots of our society and its structure. Where the two intersect for you personally is a crucial meeting point. It's where you need to be focusing your plans, your decisions and your concept for your life, even as everything is changing before your eyes.” He goes on to say that “the possibilities are endless, though closer to the point is that they are real.” He offers in his forthcoming astrological readings to interpret these potentials. I leave those interpretations to Eric as I am not an astrologer, just an interested amateur. Rather I turn my focus on “seeing differently”, from an energetic or multi-dimensional perspective for I believe that we are moving moment by moment into a world of faster vibrations and multi-layered complexity. The unseen subtle worlds are more and more present in our lives, with miraculous healings, coincidental meetings, unexplainable phenomenon increasing in quality and quantity more than ever before. And humankind is waking up. We are removing what I like to call our ‘dimensional blinders’ and ‘perceiving’ in new ways, recognizing and accepting the reality of the world beyond the 5 senses. So what’s the key to understanding this realm? What can assist us to walk through this changing world?

For me, it is energetics or the study of the meaning of the unseen energies – noted and comprehended only through intuition, guidance and extra-sensory perception. We are walking or jumping into a new world. Check out the articles in this newsletter to get a glimpse of how one can use ‘energetics’ to understand this new world and make clear and effective decisions in it.

All the best,

Elaine Seiler

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings

Question and Answer

This month I am going to continue to pose and answer the most frequently asked questions. Please submit your questions. I will be happy to answer them in a future newsletter.

What practical steps can you take to stay balanced energetically?
1. Do not expect to be energetically balanced all the time. When many areas of life are changing and pulsing new and different vibratory patterns at you all at once, it is sometimes impossible to remain balanced
2. Be kind and gentle with yourself.
3. Rest when tired
4. Withdraw from contact with anyone who may consciously or unconsciously drain your energy. Sometimes, it is necessary to withdraw, because you cannot take in one more energetic influence. Be willing to give up that special dinner or the musical gig even though you have looked forward to it all week, because you know deep inside, it is one thing too many that will tip your already precarious balance.
5. Meditate, do yoga or any of the martial or healing arts, dance, sing, walk, esp. by the ocean, if possible.
6.Ask for help in healing your imbalance and trust that that help will be there for you.

What is Energetics and how is it different from Spirituality? Whenever I speak about Energetics, people think I am speaking about Spirituality. Most link the two for they are both mysterious and non-physical. And yet, they are very different.
Spirituality exists in the physical world as a concept or belief in something greater than physical man. It refers to the mystical world beyond the material realm and seems to be accessed from our human hearts and minds. It has form only in so far as humanity attributes a form to the beliefs it holds. It fits into a time frame only in so far as humanity provides the frame. It is a concept created from the thoughts of humankind, even though humanity believes it is referring to something that exists beyond the material realm. Spirituality exists in the third dimension and is created there.
Energetics on the other hand, exists in the third dimensional and in the other dimensions; it exists independently of humankind. I refer to the ‘energy’ or vibrations of life moving at a wide range of speeds, through the universe. Energetics effects humankind but is not caused by us. When there is no form, energy remains. It is all there is; the rest of our world is an illusion, comprised of vibrations that we, as a species, have agreed to condense into all the so-called material forms of our lives.

Story of the Month

Messages from the subtle realms

For this month’s story, I am going to offer you a sneak preview from my forthcoming book on energetics and evolution:

Between 2002 and 2004, I had given up my home in the US and was living and traveling through Europe as a free-floating gypsy. I stayed open to guidance and responded in the moment to the clues from the unseen realms as they were presented to me. Sometimes, I didn’t know my next destination until just days before I made a decision.

I was in Egypt, exploring the riches of Cairo and the temples on the Nile. Before I left the US, I had dreamed about the trip. I had seen that I was going somewhere else after Egypt, but I had not been given any clues as to where that might be. I trusted I would be led, but as my scheduled time in Egypt neared its end, I still had no idea where I would be headed next.I was in Egypt, exploring the riches of Cairo and the temples on the Nile. Before I left the US, I had dreamed about the trip. I had seen that I was going somewhere else after Egypt, but I had not been given any clues as to where that might be. I trusted I would be led, but as my scheduled time in Egypt neared its end, I still had no idea where I would be headed next.

Two days before the end of the journey, the leader of the group with which I was traveling asked us to confirm our return air tickets to the US. I told him I could not do that, as I had no idea where I was going next. You can imagine the strange look I received. The next day, I was standing in front of a church in Cairo with six out of the forty members of the group. An Egyptian tour guide was explaining a placard before us. Sinai, he shared, means 'eyetooth' and he pointed to the map before us that clearly showed the Sinai looking exactly like an eyetooth. I immediately knew where I was to go next.

Two weeks before departing for Egypt I had had a very strange dream in which my eyeteeth protruded through my lips. It was not uncomfortable, just disarming. It certainly had caught my attention. I’d no idea what the dream meant. Now, in Egypt, having just learned the meaning of the word Sinai, I knew my next step. I turned to the woman standing next to me and excitedly shared my story. That’s when I received my second surprise. She was the only other single woman on the trip and her next stop was - St Catherine’s Monastery on the Sinai Peninsula. We made plans to travel together and laughed at the wonder of it all.

Please check out this Newsletter next month for another peak into my book, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution.

The Next Issue

The next issue will feature my forthcoming book, MULTI-DIMENSIONAL YOU, Exploring Energetic Evolution and offer a pre-launch copy to anyone who just can’t bear to wait until the 11th.

Instead of a regular newsletter, I will post an hour-long interview with me talking about the book. I am truly excited.

I launch the book on 11.11.11. Mark you calendar. Please support me. Buy your copy or better still, buy copies for everyone you know. The more people who buy a copy on that day, the better chance I have of qualifying as a Best Selling Author on Amazon. Com.

Together let’s ride the wave of energy bursting upon the planet on 11.11.11.....catalyzing our own energetic evolution and that of the planet. (more on 11.11.11 and the book soon........).

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