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From the Editor

Dear Readers,

Don’t know about you, but I am glad Sept is here. In the past few weeks retrograde Mercury has created repeated communication disturbances in all our lives. To those personal irritations, one must add the unexpected Earthquake and Hurricane in New York, typhoon in the Philippine and cyclone threatening Singapore... In Africa, we continue to see the worst famine in decades. I see a planet pulsing with the need to change, transform and balance in a new way. What has been, is not working. The earth is shrugging and twisting to shake off that which humanity has created without thought to its consequence and humankind is steeling itself as it attempts to cope with the resultant worldwide political and economic disturbances. Let us each shine our prayers, our trust and hope in gentle and positive outcomes all across the globe. Each of us counts and where we put our focus can make a difference.

All the best,

Elaine Seiler

Elaine Seiler

Energetic Musings

Question and Answer

This month my energetic musings will take the form of answers to the most frequently asked questions about Energetics. Please submit your questions.

1. Why am I concerned with Energetic Evolution rather than with Self-improvement, Enlightenment or Ascension? It is a merely a matter of focus. I am very concerned about self-improvement and see the process of Energetic Evolution as a definite part of that developmental process. Likewise, I do not focus on Enlightenment or Ascension because those concepts are three dimensional, rather than other-dimensional. My goal is to share the MD perspective, so that more and more people are prepared for and capable of functioning well when they find themselves in the MD reality. I believe that is where all of humanity has the option to go. There are many writing about Enlightenment; I am writing about Energetics to open a portal to little visited world that is becoming more and more a part of our human reality.

2. What are benefits of becoming 'Multi-dimensional'? Ahhh...the benefits are many. Here are five:
As you learn to accept and trust the other dimensional realities,
1. your confusion about life and human existence will disappear.
2. you will develop greater self-confidence and self-esteem.
3. you will move more easily from a negative perspective (Poor me, why is this happening to me?) to a positive attitude (Everything happens as it should; I can see the positive side of any circumstance.)
4.you will feel lighter and more joyful.
5. you will feel a sense of grace permeate your existence, making everything easier and more fulfilling.
At least, this has been my experience. I believe it will be yours as well.

3. How do I know what I say I know? I have been exploring these concepts consciously for 20 years and have been in training with a group of out of body beings during that entire time. I have shared my experiences with them & received their interpretations. What resonated in me as truth, I accepted; the rest I ignored. Everything I share comes from my own personal experience. Nothing has been extracted as theory from a book or from another. When I say, that it is likely that a person going through this energetic evolution will reflect in their body what is occurring around them in the field that is a statement based on my personal experience of being congested when the field around me was congested. When I say that one may loose time, literally not know what happened during a group of hours or minutes, I make that statement because I experienced it. Initially, the messages from my out of body Guides came to me through a skilled sensitive or channel; over time, I have become more and more able to receive the information directly.

Story of the Month

Fire the Grid

Thank you to Shelley Yates for sharing this amazing story and the important information about how we can each participate in the Firing of the Grid.

As many of you already know, in November 2002, my then 4 year old son and I drove into a flooded marsh in Nova Scotia, Canada and drowned. During my near death experience I was visited by great Beings of Light who shared with me ancient wisdom and truths of who we are as humans and what our true potential is on this planet. They shared with me the knowledge and understanding of our true energy body and how we can use this energy for healing and a better life. The instructions they shared brought my son back to me even though he had been submerged in water for over 27 minutes. He had been declared brain dead but following the instructions given to me by these great Beings of Light, my son is now 12, happy and healthy. They instructed me in the use of energy for his recovery then 6 months later they came again with further instructions. They said "what you did with a dying boy and a small group of people you can do for a dying planet and a large group of people."

Once again I followed the instructions. Then on July 17, 2007 at 11:11 GMT, the world's largest mass meditation was held with an estimated several million people in over 80 countries participating in a timed meditation to bring our human energy of love to the planet for the healing of our world.

Who are these great Beings of Light? They wish for us to know them as just that, Beings of Light. They are the essence of all life in our universe, the essence of the great prophets, angels and all other Beings that have come to earth with messages of hope for a better future. In fact they are the essence of you and me. For within us, we are these great Beings of Light. We too are of the same energy as these beautiful Beings and we hold tremendous power, the power to change ourselves and our world...

Now these Light Beings have come again with further and final instructions to assist humanity in healing ourselves and our planet. This human event is to be known as Fire the Grid I.... We are entering a new time which humanity has not yet seen. There is a transition that has been happening and will continue to happen during these next few years. These great Beings of Light wish to assist us with that transition. Not unlike a parent holding the hand of its child while it endeavors something new, these Beings wish to hold our hand as we transition into what we have always known in our hearts to be true. They wish to hold our hands as we become our greatest selves.

Once again the instructions involve coming together as a whole. They have told me to share with you that we must "unite in our similarities or we shall disintegrate in our differences." I have been given the third and final date : November 11, 2011. The time of day of the great gathering will be 11:11 GMT. The instructions tell us to come together for one hour as one people with great love in our hearts, with one collective mind to become one great force. That great force will then charge the earth field and we will become great programmers of a new time.

...We are entering a field of energy in our cosmos heretofore never seen. That field of energy is completely programmable and will be programmed whether we participate consciously in its programming or not. “ For whatever human energy field is most prominent on that day for that hour will be the set point of where we begin the next phase of our evolution as humans. The energy is actually available for us to use and program for 28 hours beginning at 19:00 GMT November 10 and running through to 23:00 GMT November 11. However the most influential time during that time will take place November 11 at 11:11 GMT. During that time the field we are entering will close in behind us and we will be encapsulated in the new field. No matter what human energy we hold at that time will dictate the permanent charge of the new earth field and will be our starting point as we journey into a new time.

We cannot sustain the current field we live in as the density has reached a critical mass and there is much unrest. It is showing itself in the unrest of the planet and its inhabitants. Luckily for us, a new field is presenting itself at this key moment and we have a fresh chance to make it right...

Right now the earth field is very dense, charged with the emotions of fear, distrust, greed, anger, hate and separation. If we do nothing. those emotions will be the emotions with which the new field becomes charged. Or, we can unite for one hour and consciously choose how we wish to charge the field...Now is the time to unite and become one field. Unite as one people, one heart and one mind and with one intention to create a loving sustainable world. ...If we choose to do nothing, the world will continue without our loving positive intentions. However, with our loving heartfelt thoughts, not only are we able to manifest that which we need to transform the world, we can also insert our personal desire for joy...

We currently live in a world of our choosing. We created the systems in which we live. We manifested the movement of money. We can unthink the current system and bring abundance to all. The earth holds enough for all of us. We must choose to change our minds by opening our hearts in order to choose our new world. Change comes through positive thoughts as those thoughts take form in our world.....

We did not create our current situation in a moment nor will we change it in a moment, however the first positive thought will propel us into the next positive thought and so on. Once we program our new field, it will be easier to create what we need and desire for a better planet. The new field will open new and wondrous opportunities to each of us... Be the dreamers that dream reality into being. We as humans have been creating since the dawn of time. Now it is time to create from a responsible, present and conscious place. It all begins with charging the earth field as we enter into a new time...

The internet and media are your tools. Share the possibility with others. Become one people, become one field of energy and become the change you have been waiting for...

See another world and then become the force of that change. It all begins with setting that intention on November 11, 2011 at 11:11 GMT. No money necessary, no gadgets, no must dos or guilt trips necessary. Just one collective mind charged with a loving heart, changing the way it thinks then charging the energy field in which it lives. ... REMEMBER who you are, stand and change the world we live in.


Samoiya Shelley Yates


The Next Issue

More input on the news.....from an energetic perspective, more questions posed and answered, another story about energy, evolution and inspiriation............ Please let me hear from you in the intervening weeks, pose your concerns, share your stories. And, a surprise offering....a sneak look at....well, you will just have to wait and see... Until October....Be well and have a peaceful and energetically balanced month. All the best, Elaine.

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