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Author Topic: what is a Multi-Dimensional?
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Post what is a Multi-Dimensional?
on: February 25, 2012, 00:39

Hi - I am unclear what it means to be a "Multi Dimensional Being" ?
I have not read your book yet.

Does that mean that there are other selves, or parts of myself, that live in other univeres?

Regards ~

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Post Re: what is a Multi-Dimensional?
on: March 1, 2012, 19:15

Hi Sam,
While what you suggest - that " there are other selves, or parts of myself, that live in other universes?" may well be true, that is not exactly what I mean by a Multi-Dimensional Being. Such a being is aware of and acknowledges the reality of the realms of pure energy that exist beyond the physical reality of the Third Dimension. In the 3rd D, we humans, have agreed through consensus reality that forms are solid; in reality we have come to know through quantum physics that everything is made up of moving molecules of energy, just moving so rapidly that we cannot see that movement. A Multi-Dimensional Being has awakened to this fact, recognizes the interplay between the energies or frequencies that are pulsing in and around us all the time, acknowledges that these energies effect us as we effect them and is more or less consciously walking forward on an evolutionary path towards more and more energetic awareness and focus. Such a Being lives between the physical and non-physical worlds and participates in both. Such a being acknowledges and uses senses beyond the traditional five to obtain information from the energetic realms. He or she begins to understand 'the language of energy'. That information becomes more and more vital for our well-being as the planet shifts and transforms during 2012 and beyond. I invite you to request one of the 1000 FREE copies of my workbook that are currently being distributed (www. And when you find it interesting, please purchase my book to delve further into the subject.

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