October 1, 2012

Hi Friends, Do you ever just want to talk to someone in person?

Elaine Seiler

Forget this keyboard crunching, finger phoning, tedious tapping.  Let’s talk in person.  I am available for 1 on 1 skype sessions in Energetic Awakening.  Let’s talk about the changes occurring in your life, the frequencies that have speeded up and catalyzed all kinds of shifts in and around you.  Let’s look together at the hidden messages [...]

Hello, I'm Elaine Seiler. Welcome to my blog. I'm looking forward to your comments, questions, and feedback.

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    • wow don't ever judge anything by how it appears on the outside.

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • Aquamarine crystals

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • Celestial. :)

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • Linarite / Grand Reef Mine, Graham County, Arizona

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • ..

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • Thrive - Crop Circles are Clues to New Energy Technology!

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • Barbaric Treatment of our Children! I was shocked to hear the newscast last night, describing electric skin shocks, isolated padded cells and expelling of 5 year olds for our nations children - the ones who have been labeled with "behavior problems". Is is possible that our teachers are inadequate, poorly trained, impatient or lazy and just don't want to face the reality that these young people may be The New Children on earth?

      Pinned: 5 Jun 2013
    • A Vase That Tells You To Stop Neglecting Your Plants | Co.Design: business + innovation + design

      Pinned: 30 May 2013
    • Wayne dyer

      Pinned: 30 May 2013
    • GMO lose Europe – victory for environmental organisations | Investigative Reporting Denmark. Monsanto will halt production of genetically modified corn in all of Europe, except Spain, Portugal and Czech republic. The agribusiness multinational states not to spend any more money on trials, development, marketing, court cases or anything else to get GM corn accepted in Europe.

      Pinned: 30 May 2013