January 15, 2013

“humanity is still evolving, and we’re definitely being asked to go to a deeper, broader, more integrated and all-embracing way of being.

By Himat Kaur Khalsa


According to Himat Kau Khalsa, an Evolutionary Astologer,

humanity is still evolving, and we’re definitely being asked to go to a deeper, broader, more integrated and all-embracing way of being.

We’re being asked to root out “weedy” things in us that get in the way of good growth; to shore up the foundation of the highest Truth of us; to “rewire” how we think of ourselves, how we relate to our brothers and sisters (in the local as well as the global sense); and how we frame our ideas of what life is and the part we can/should play in it. The evolution of our understanding and reframing of life takes time, which is totally okay and good.

Having said all of that, Himat pondered the astrological landscape of December 2012. I have extracted the key points from her excellent astrological reading:

1) What Astrologers call ‘A Mutual Reception’ (when each of two planets move through the sign of the other planet) will occur between 2012 and 2015, amplifying the themes of these two planets, “healing and transforming “bad” and limiting things we have institutionalized culturally and personally (Pluto in Capricorn), and taking responsibility for how we live with and care for other people (Saturn in Scorpio)”. The last time this occurred was during the American Revolutionary War.

2) From Dec. 2012 until March, 2013, Pluto and Saturn will be sextile one another, …stimulating and energizing each other and offering us “opportunities in which to engage”.

3) A Yod (planets in the position of a Y) and the Lunar Eclipseamped up the energy of the two key planets and turned them into “agents of immense pressure upon this passing Moon, which is being eclipsed by the Sun at the same time., thereby facilitating humanity to “step out of the bold tyranny of powerful, dominating rulers, and break free from the status quo or limiting patterns, maybe only briefly, but long enough to slip the noose. …

4) The Lunar Eclipse, as if we’re being asked to do a reset of our psyches and emotions, to reflect a clearer vibration born of our work on healing and transformation stimulated by the Pluto-Saturn sextile.

5) On December 22, 2012, Jupiter transits Gemini and moves into the same place of the eclipsed moon, when it becomes the foot of a Yod with Saturn and Pluto, creating… two realities for each of us: the actual, external, factual reality … and the internal interpretation of that reality”…Jupiter asks us to expand our understanding, to see beyond our current habitual thoughts and paradigms. … and simply take in information for ourselves, ponder it to come to our own derived conclusions andbeliefs.…”

6) The Lunar Eclipse and Yod of November 28, 2012, followed by the Yod of Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter on December 22, 2012, invite us to actively participate in our own transformation, individually and societally…

What You Can Do:

Mentally: Make the effort to see more clearly…. Entertain the idea of letting a shift occur internally, where you begin to integrate a perspective that reflects broader, higher principles.

Yogically: Use (Meditation) to support and balance the pressures brought to bear on Jupiter in Gemini. This would be especially helpful leading up to and beyond the day of the exact Yod on December 22, 2012. …

Himat Kaur[email protected].



Summarized from her complete posting…

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