September 30, 2010

What is Energetics?

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To me, Energetics is the focus and study of the unseen energies that come from the other dimensions.  They are so rapid we cannot ‘sense’ them with our ordinary 5 senses, but they are present, effecting us every moment of every day.

For the past few weeks, I have felt like I was in a mix-master.  I have felt buffeted by the strong waves of energy coming on the planet.  Every time I regained balance, my equilibrium was knocked asunder by another wallop from an unseen source.  And, the worse part is that the in-flow of energy is now being reflected in the mechanics around me.  Last week my broadband connection stopped working.  Yesterday, my washing machine died and today, the door of my dryer literally fell off in my hand.  What is going on?

What Happened?

Why had my broadband, my washer and my dryer all quit right now? At first, I couldn’t understand what was going on. Then, I realized that the electronics around me were reflecting the shifts in energy in my world; they were no longer capable of handling the flow of energy passing through them. What was once adequate in terms of speed and frequency is no longer adequate. The frequencies on the planet have changed dramatically in the last few years. The electronics around us need to be upgraded to become a resonant frequency. The broadband solution was simple…I purchased a larger package from my Internet provider. The washing machine and dryer were more difficult.

I purchased a new motor for the washer, but it took three visits from the repairman to realize that the problem was larger than the motor. I needed a new latch and lock for the door, exactly as I did for the dryer.

From a physical, three dimensional perspective, perhaps the three year old machines needed replacing (but that is young for such machines)…

However, from an energetic perspective, there is much more to understand. The energies coming on the planet at this time are just too big, too strong and too expanded to be contained in the old systems or machines…. they are too large for the old motor and they are too large to use the old doorways. New electric pathways and new portals need to be provided that match the expanded vibrations present.

It often feels as if they are too big for my bodily systems as well. I often experience overload or quasi-illness when my body just can’t process all it is receiving; I will talk about that in my next post.

I would love to hear what you are experiencing.

Do write and share how your world is reflecting the changes taking place on the planet. Let me know if and how you are creating pathways for the new energy, new receptacles for its expanded frequencies.

14 comments on “What is Energetics?

  1. Clear good communication

  2. Superb blog post, I have book marked this internet site so ideally I’ll see much more on this subject in the foreseeable future!

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  4. Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  5. WOW – elaine so good to hear from you. What perfect timing to read your blog and to be connected with likeminded people.
    I feel like everything is moving so fast. Like there is a speeding up on the
    planet. I am so busy in a “scientific” world yet I believe there is something larger that I am trying to connect to. I appreciate just being part of the conversation. Love Carol

  6. What a wonderful door to open for sharing. As always, Elaine, you are beautifully present. In the 30 years working with Body Tapestry, an energy work I have had the priviledge of serving with, I have experienced the rebalancing and preperation of the physical body system for the energies that are coming in now. They are new to the planet in the degree that they present themselves but we have held them within our tapestry field on other levels until the resonant field would support life with our enhanced physical system. Here we go!!! We’re bringing in the way of love. It is never forceful. Our resistance to change creates the intensity. We are experiencing pure love, the point of pure love that we create joined together. Take a deep breath, breath it in and enjoy the feelings from our deep wondrous self. Fill all of the spaces in between the physical cells by allowing the energies intelligence to assimilate and rebalance our field. Expand the area in between and allow the love to rearrange and rebalance. It will. I don’t know if this will keep my cell phone from crashing again but it surely makes it all feel better especially if I keep laughing. (<: I also find that if I send that love into the earth and allow it to touch each crystal within the earth, the energy is magnified, grounded and sent back to the surface holding all life within it's balanced field helping the resonance prepare itself for everyone. Of course I like to allow it to go out to our brothers and sisters in space to say thank you for all of the work and help they do and to say Welcome. Thanks for the space to communicate. Maybe my new cell phone will stay working now. Love you, Elaine

    • avatarElaine Seiler on said:

      Loved hearing from you, Iris. Thanks for your heart-felt sharing. If our cell phones stop working, maybe we are meant to communicate across the ethers without them? At least we can try and it is such a joy when we tune in and just ‘know’ another is thinking of us. love to you, Elaine

  7. found your site on today and really liked it.. i bookmarked it and will be back to check it out some more later

  8. Many years ago I began to practice Reconnective Healing. Those frequencies, we were warned would or could tamper with our electronics. Those are also interdimensional Energies. Soon enough, as my practice increased, the clock in the new car stopped working on my way to a ceremonial sweat. It started again when I finally reached my destination. From that time on until now, it is always about 20 minutes slow. (7 yrs ago). I guess I adapted by just accepting the time is off.
    As my practice increased and the energies around me have become stronger, One January, the pipes burst and we had a big flood in our beautiful Metaphysical Shop. That was another warning. Well, 3 months later, we had a more beautiful shop -new computers and software. Lots of work and expense but in the end, it was all covered. There was a book that was soaked with water high on the shelf. I saw it for the first time during that flood. It was titled Spiritual Bathing, Healing Techniques from Around the World. What a message! It was time for a big bath – big clearing time. As Elaine, said we have to adapt to the energies.
    The timing of reading Elaine’s message is perfect for me. I am noticing this week, as I work with big transitions, my computer is doing funny things- important things are disappearing, things that I am using energetically. Also, someone was about to send me an herbal recipe dating back 30 years tonight from the time I first knew Elaine. As she sent it, it vanished from her screen, along with the other things. So if as we are dealing with
    these higher frequencies, I really appreciate hearing from Elaine about this now.
    I like that comment about hugging a tree. I would add to allow the roots of your feet to do the same as the roots of the tree. Go deep and ground.
    Let all that jangled and confusing energy go straight through your feet into the Earth. Let her digest it.
    Then let the branches reach up like antennae and pull refined energy to you and bring balance through the refined and pure energy. They say that the earth loves the heavy energies. We don’t. Even if the electronics don’t get fixed that way, I think that is a good way to adapt, somewhat…. Anyway, I have gone on for a long time and it is the middle of the night here.
    I love your beautiful website and your guidance.

  9. avatarannie rafter on said:

    Norma and I went on pilgrimage sunday to the NW location on the Santa Fe Zodiac. We were in the Gate and celebrated being gate keepers. I thought of you and all the times I experienced you being a gate keeper. With just a word, you would open the gate into the next realm. I agree with the importance of energetics. I have been an energy worker for years, consciously and unconsciously. As a nurse practitioner I see how much illness is caused by energetic imbalances. We pick up energy from others that isn’t ours, we loose energy that we need because we don;t know anything about our energy. Our connection to the universe gets trash in it making a free flow between us and all that is difficult. I have been a SCIO practitioner for 5 years and a lot of what I do with Quantum Biofeedback is to clean up unbalanced magnetic fields, which is another word for energetic. I love you Elaine, glad to be a part of your web site. Annie Rafter.

    • avatarElaine Seiler on said:

      Annie, thank you for this wonderful sharing. Wonderful to know you, Norma and I were in energetic connection and resonance while you were acting as gate keepers in New Mexico in the US and I was pushing the gate open on the internet from the other side of the world in Australia.
      Such wonderful synchronicity! Love to you both. Elaine

  10. Electrical Energies are very strong in my life – my desk top computer crashed and burned on me after taking it to the computer doctor it worked for about 1 week $540.00 down the drain they said they could fix it for $675.00 more but the computer was not worth it. So all my information now sits on an external hard drive. Good thing I also have a lap top. Then my Iphone began to give me tons of trouble and one night while driving home I passed under a street light and it just blew out! I said to the Universe, “Oh come on”!!! My friend suggested that I needed to get in touch with mother earth and hug a tree become one with mother earth for grounding. Lately my emotional energies have been so mixed & scattered with bits of anger & frustration. Im a very spiritual person & very sensitive & in tune to energies but the energy field is stronger than ever! Looking for that portal to pass through and fine tune to a new vibrational harmony. This is a Great site… Great topic!!!
    Cyrene Houdini

    • avatarElaine Seiler on said:

      Wow, Cyrene, I hope your ‘blow outs’ have stopped. I find that walking on the earth does help. Your friend is right. However, I have found that this increase is vibrational frequency (as an other-dimensional phenomena) can’t be ‘fixed’ by a three dimensional process. We, as physical beings, need to gradually adapt to the changes. Let me know how that adjustment goes.

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