April 14, 2011

Walking The Path Of Light

From Medicine Chief of the Star Clans of Turtle Island

(“The Medicine Chiefs are the Spirit of the People,” Pezuta Itancan, MAKA WICAHPI WICOHAN.)


“It is the time to be prepared.”

“We watch.”

“There is a darkness… that is fear.

You, who have walked the Path of Light, have talked to many.

Those who have walked in darkness come to you seeking the Light.

You have given them the Word, but they pretended to be deaf even as you spoke ?

louder, stronger, stronger with much Love in your Heart ?

they still refused to let go of the dark and walk a Path of Light.”


“The time of wasting time is now finished.

The Light Walkers are to prepare themselves for the next step.

The Light Walkers feel the darkness pulling, pulling them down,

pulling them away from the Light Path.”

“Light Walkers, prepare yourselves for the next mission.

You will walk beyond the darkness of those who refuse to serve the Light.

You must walk away from those who refuse to see Truth,

to accept Truth within their hearts.”

“Light Walker, it is time to continue forward upon your Path.

The Circle comes together.

You are to be part of it.

All Light Walkers are part of it, have always been part of it.

In the darkness, there is nothing but fear

The People are coming to you bringing the darkness of their fear.

You must walk away.

Unless your heart tells you that this one is ‘sacred’,

a sacred Light Walker that needs to see,

walk away.”

“Those that continue to walk a path of dark will have to walk alone towards the Light.

The time of guiding others by the hand is coming to an end.

For, even the Children see the Light Path and have their feet upon it.

No one needed show them The Way.

They are guided by their heart and the Truth that has always been before them.”

“The Circle continues to take on more and more solid form which all will see.

The New Earth is upon us.

The Mother is preparing herself.

She is healing.

She longs for the day that the Circle will bring the Light Energy directly to Her Heart.

She is ready for Her Transformation.”

“You are never alone.


We are beside you,

We are before you, and

We are behind you,

protecting you as you go.

Look to the Heavens and know there is great help there.

The greatest guidance comes from the Stars.”

“Although We love all mankind,

We are saddened by some of their choices.

It saddens us to let so many go, but the choice was theirs.

We see the sadness of the Light Walkers,

the Tears when they leave a loved one behind.”

“Call upon us for Strength to help you.

We give you this message so you will understand:

You are LOVE.

You are LOVED.”

“There is always help.

When you reach up,

when you call on us,

We are already there.

We have Strong Hearts.

We have Strong Arms.

Feel our loving energy around you.”


“Some think we do not care, but We do.

Listen to your heart.

We are there.

We see the struggles.

We see the weariness.

“Although your preparation has been long and difficult,

We are sending Strength and Guidance to help you prepare even more.”

“No one is ever forgotten.

Remember, always, always remember:

We are here.

We have answers.

All We have and All We are is yours.”

“When in doubt,

Look up.

Open your Heart.

The answer will come.

We have many messengers.

Each one has the ability to Hear our Words.

We talk to everyone.

Some just listen better than others.”

“Your Path is not as long as it used to be, so be Joyous.

The Circle gets brighter.

The Gold is in sight.”

Stand Tall.

Talk Straight.

And, Speak the Truth.”

“O sa da dv.

All is well.

All is as it should be.

All is as it is.”

Mitakuye Oyasin.”




One comment on “Walking The Path Of Light

  1. Thank you Elaine. I needed this right now. Love Light and Laughter to you and yours.

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