February 15, 2012

Consciousness Shift

What’s really behind the “global consciousness shift”

The roots of the idea of a ubiquitously-experienced shift in human consciousness extend to at least the late 19th century and the birth of European theosophy. Marilyn Ferguson’s The Aquarian Conspiracy gave the idea many more legs in 1980, and recent speculation about the winter solstice in 2012 has it running like a jack rabbit.

Historically, such an event would be unprecedented. However, that doesn’t stop people from believing it’s just around the corner, and this is because of a metaphor system that makes it easy to believe.

The idea of a globally-experienced shift in consciousness is rooted in the metaphor “consciousness is energy” and its entailments. Since we know that energy can be transmitted across distances by electromagnetic waves, we believe our consciousness can be changed by being in the presence of an “enlightened” person, or by exposure to “energy” from extra-planetary or supernatural sources.

Another metaphor in play is “higher is better.” Thus, we seek to “raise” our consciousness, and when our consciousness is “higher,” it is better for us, and the world at large. Consciousness can also be “quickened,” as this “raises” the frequency of the “energy.”

Finally, this all rests on the notion of containment: “I am in my body.” This allows us to believe we exist as mental beings made out of the energy of consciousness that exists inside our bodies, and that we can move to a higher, and thus, better state.

What is almost universally overlooked is that this set of notions work together to create an idea of distance from what is being experienced now as our normal, non-dual consciousness, which isn’t actually higher, but can certainly be missed when we believe it is.

My response:

Behind the global consciousness shift is the energetic evolution in which the vibrations of the planet are becoming faster and faster and we humans are becoming more and more focused on the energies in ourselves and the world and less and less committed to the consensus-created physical reality.  As the faster vibrations from the other dimensions come onto the planet, we humans are doing our best to adapt to the changes.

We can adapt to, but not stop the evolutionary process.  The shift is changing the way we live, the systems we use, and how are body’s and emotions express themselves.


This unfolding is ‘unprecedented’ as it has never occurred before; it could not occur until the frequency rate on the beings on the planet was high enough that they could resonate to the changes.

I do not believe that ‘higher is better’.  Rather, we are limited in our language as we speak about the unseen world…We inadvertently refer to the ‘other-dimensional’ energies as higher as we are accustomed to thinking spatially.  In truth there is no higher or lower, better or worse, when speaking of energies; energies just are!

When we speak of ‘raising’ our consciousness, we are referring to open our awareness, waking up to the larger reality around us, rather than moving up a hierarchical ladder.

I do not adhere to the concept of containment.  I believe that we are non-local coalescences of vibratory frequencies that sometimes manifest through consensus in a physical body on earth as one possible expression.  We could just as easily manifest in a different way and probably do on other planets , in other galaxies…


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