June 4, 2012


JUNE 4, 2012, a key moment in the evolution of the planet, as seen astrologically, numerologically and energetically……..

JUNE, as seen through an Astrological lens:

June 4th…Venus Transit or Eclipse of the Sun.  Opening to new ways of being… Tues. is a big day for all of humanity as we are about to experience a rare astrological event that will not occur again until 2117!  This once in a lifetime event behoves us to pay attention.   It is considered the “opening at the Galactic Center”  or a metaphor for the current transformation process as  well as “the opening to Eros”,  “a catalyst for gender balancing and activation of the feeling body.”  Thank you, Eric Francis and David Tressemer. (


JUNE, as seen through a Numerological lens:

Numerologically, June is an 11 Universal Month of Double New Beginnings, Truth and Action.

2012 is a 5 Universal Year of FREEDOM – the Shift that comes from embracing adventure, risk, change and making pivotal decisions. Bringing both the 11 and the 5 together like this is akin to a spiritual volcanic release. A supreme pivot point will no doubt occur in all or part of your life. It is the inherent tension between these

two frequencies, 5 and 11, that is generating sweeping changes now. .

Tania describes June as ‘stormy’ and sees those storms as ‘initiations’.  She sees this month as “a perfect moment to learn how you can choose to create your own reality.”  Tania refers to this time as “triggering a mind-blowing evolution”. And, indeed, an evolution it is!

June, as seen through an energetic lens:

Energetically, I feel the changes … I feel them in my body, as I move faster and faster, sleep less, as I hesitatingly, more willingly choose to move from my house in Australia of 10 years and from my apt in Manhattan of 8 years, the external reflections of some huge changes happening inside of me.  What shifts are happening in your lives? The changes are unnerving, confusing, overwhelming and exciting all at once as we sense our former anchors lift and shift, old doorways close and new ones open.

Follow the links above to learn more about the astrology and numerology of this time.  Then, go to, and check out my multi-dimensional take on the changes that are unfolding.  Not only are we, humans, undergoing portals and storms that will forever change the externals of our lives, but our essential frequencies and vibrations, the very energies that constitute who we are, are also changing.   If you don’t already have your copy of Multi-Dimensional YOU, this is the moment to get it.  Find out more about the energetic shifts that are taking place, and how YOU can thrive in this new energetic world…. And, while you are on that webpage, get your FREE copy of the Multi-Dimensional Workbook to accelerate your skills for coping, for clearing and balancing energies, and for creating your own reality.  What an amazing time to be alive!  Have an energetically conscious and balanced day………and enjoy the eclipse!

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