March 5, 2013

A “Multidimensional Approach” to UN Peacekeeping”

Has the UN opened Pandora’s Box?

A ”Multidimensional Approach” to UN Peacekeeping”,  Has the UN opened Pandora’s Box?


by Mycael under CC BY  with
Yesterday, UN Radio announced a ‘multidimensional’ approach to peace keeping.  What a wonderful headline!  But what does it truly mean?
What is a ‘multi-dimensional approach to peacekeeping’?  I assume that the copywriter was inferring a multi-layered, multi-aspected approach to conflict resolution.   But let’s go a little deeper here.  Let’s look at the word, ‘multidimensional’.  What does it really means?
Multi-dimensional, at least to me, means functioning in many dimensions – in this physical dimension and in other, non-physical dimensions.   Here in the third and fourth dimensions,  reality is primarily based on what is perceived with the five senses.  In the fifth dimension and beyond, life is very different. Reality is more expanded and is perceived through intuition and guidance.  Life in those other dimensions is non-physical, and there is no polarity.
Does yesterday’s announcement mean that the UN will begin to act as if there is no conflict…that there are only vibrations? Does it mean the UN will suddenly support and assist us to live as one unified whole for in fact, that is all there is in the higher dimensions?  Will they work 24/7 as if they were in the realms where there is no time? Will they move forward as if there is ‘no polarity’, for in the ‘other’ dimensions,  there is no us and them, no war and peace, no victor and victim.  There is only love, only consideration, only harmony. Is the UN proposing to begin to teach the world about that reality?
Will they recognize the illusion of the third dimension and begin to teach this truth as its basic modus operendi?  Will  they ignore all form and focus on the unseen vibrations that underlie all hostilities?  How will they work with those low vibrations?  Will they start to apply energetic solutions to the very real energetic (vibrational) crises?  What are those energetic solutions?  Will they call in energy healers to work with the vibrations of the unseen dimensions?  Will they begin to work with the extra-terrestrials who want to help us evolve gently and peacefully into the higher dimensions?  Will the UN members become ‘multidimensional’ themselves as they strive to perform in a ‘multidimensional’ manner?
 I wonder, ‘Has the UN unwittingly opened Pandora’s Box?   Will they ever be able to return to blind narrow perspective again?’

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