April 20, 2013


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When I witnessed the attack at the Boston Marathon, I was shocked, angry, and deeply, deeply saddened.  To be honest, I heard the news report and I cried… I did not know anyone participating in the race, but I was deeply touched.  I knew as my heart opened and as I cried that a part of my energy was there on the spot assisting, supporting and helping energetically as much as I could from a distance.  That is part of the work I do psychically.

How many of you were also working energetically as soon as you heard the news, maybe even before you knew consciously what had occurred?

What is the deeper energetic meaning of this horrific event?

Understand me, no underlying meaning can remove the horror and grief connected with what physically occurred.  The families of those killed or injured will never be the same, nor will the citizens of Boston or those of us who watched the tragedy unfold on TV. However, there is a way for each of us, as energetic beings, to be compassionate, loving and caring as we hold a more multi-dimensional viewpoint.

Life unfolds in unimaginable ways…beings are born and die as is directed by their souls. We come into this suit of clothes to do a job and depart,  to move on to be of service in other ways at other times from other dimensions.  If we could only see beyond the veil of physicality to glimpse what happens before and after death to better understand the hidden meaning of what is such a tragedy to us, humans in physicality.

From this more far-seeing perspective, what occurred was life and death, a cycle of completion or an devastating injury for some, lucky timing for others, catalyzed by whoever created and activated those bombs.

Was this the perfect time and place for all involved to experience whatever they did or was this an unspeakable nightmare?  It was both…depending on your experience and perspective.  I invite you to allow your grief and release your anger….Take a step back from the reactive drama of our newscasters.  Don’t get caught up in the negativity and fear present here.  Yes, it was horrible – dreadful beyond imagining.  And, we would be well-served to give thanks that there was not a more massive slaughter of the thousands present on the streets of Boston that day.  Let us also give thanks  that the first responders and medical personnel were so present and caring.

Every life is precious; every whole and fully functioning body is be cherished and to put perspective on this event, let us remember that 108 people die every single minute; 155,000 beings die every single day.  Let us mourn all deaths wherever and whenever they occur. Let us learn from this and fully embrace peace and differences.  Let us release our emotions and move on to ‘sense/see’ from a multi-dimensional perspective…and accept the mystery of the universe…


  1. avatarcynthia winton-henry on said:

    Thank you for this. I am writing on the nature of initiations for Highly Sensitive People. The tragedies on the East Coast of late are daunting. The group body reels. Those of us who can connect to the spacious, loving energy provide a resilience. We need more people who are consciously initiated to assist, me thinks! Thank you for sharing!

    • avatarElaine on said:

      Totally agree, Cynthia, it is a challenging time to see, feel and remain steady. but this is the job and the challenge for our time. And then, there are the wonderful moments as I encountered on the bus just yesterday… The bus driver asked if anyone was celebrating a birthday. He then encouraged us to sing Happy Birthday to this one person. He had us greeting our neighbors, playing word games and smiling across the aisles as we drove up 3rd Ave. The entire energy of the bus changed….It was thrilling to witness. What a blessed creature was that driver….an ‘angel in disguise.

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