May 28, 2013


This is an extremely interesting, well-grounded, well-presented video of Mary Rodwell’s research on a wide variety of individuals experience with other dimensional beings and their possible experiences on space crafts.  Whether you believe this presentation or not, you will certainly have your mind expanded and hear a few facts that are new and quite fascinating.  Do let me know your thoughts on this one………

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  1. avatarBrian Robinson on said:

    I have always thought that there were many universes in fact billions of them,it really does make sense taken in context.
    The biggest driving force in the cosmos is not gravity it is reproduction and I call it reproductive
    The black holes play a major role in every galaxy and I believe they manufacture Suns/ planets
    By drawing in matter,gas etc and as every galaxy has one you can see why there is space between each galaxy and what causes the galaxy to spin.
    We have not witnessed the birth of a planet/sun as the process takes much longer than we have been studying the stars.
    I am hopeful that my theory will prove itself in the very near future.

    • avatarElaine on said:

      Brian, Thanks for your comment. Very interesting. Do you also have any comments to make about how those multiple universes and black holes might be effect you and the rest of us? Elaine

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