June 4, 2013

Barbaric Treatment of our Children!

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I was shocked to hear the news cast last night, describing electric skin shocks, isolated padded cells and expelling of 5 yr. olds for our nations children – the ones who have been labeled “behavior problems”.  Is it possible that our teachers are inadequate, poorly trained, impatient or lazy and just don’t want to face the reality that these young people may be THE NEW CHILDREN on earth?
These children have been identified by well-grounded researchers (Mary Rodwell, Lee Carroll, Doreen Virtue, Wayne Dosick, Jan Tober), as children who are different than we are, with different DNA, well-developed natural intuitive and psychic abilities, more acute abilities to discern truth, able to differentiate between what is ‘said’ and what is ‘meant’.  They can spot a ‘fake’ a mile away and will resist direction that does not make rational sense.  Their internal vibrational patterns are different than other beings so they move faster and more often, seemingly in erratic ways.  This is who they are.  They are not being evil, obstreperous or purposely contrary.  They do not deserve such barbaric treatment by our nation’s educators.  These new children need to be identified and respected for they bring us gifts as if from the future.  We need to learn kind, gentle and respectful ways to relate to them.  Please see the video I posted in my last blog, look up additional videos on youtube or read any of the myriad books that have been written on Indigo and Crystal children.  Educate yourselves and join the outraged parents who are fighting to protect, care for and educate these special and innocent beings.
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electric shock: 
( shock-therapy-2;…/blog/2006/03/ ?shock-therapy-for-kids.html; ?shock-treatment-for-children-with-autism;…/2008/03/23/? shock-treatment-but-for-children )
Padded cells:…/?Ken-Schram-A-padded-cell-for-kids-181554981.html;; padded-cells…;…)
expelled children:

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