July 8, 2013

Thoughts on the energies down yonder. My trip to New Orleans.

I have wanted to go to New Orleans for some time. One doesn’t have to drink to enjoy the city.  It is a city that knows how to play, to enjoy music and dance, food and well, whatever they do…; Swing Dancing  is in!  New Orleans is a city that rarely sleeps, maybe at 5 AM in the morning.

Sunday brunch in the French Quarter.

My daughter and I had a wonderful time.  We loved the town-feeling; the people couldn’t have been nicer, the architecture interesting and the music wonderful….Loved Frenchmen’s street…..(Forget all the fried food…)

New Orleans….Near Frenchman’s Market and the Ferry across Lake Pontchartrain. Beautiful wright iron balconies every where you look.

I felt that there are a lot of dark energies there…There is a strong voo doo tradition and there is still a great sadness over the losses from Katrina that lingers over & in the city; they are still rebuilding and, I imagine, will for years to come.  There is a huge energetic, cultural and financial divide…The wealthy and the poor live side by side.  We were told: there are no ‘good and bad neighborhoods’, there are good streets and bad streets and there are definitely parts of town into which one doesn’t wander late at night…

I had great difficulty sleeping one night in the middle of the trip and was really disturbed until I learned it was full moon and an intense one at that.   I had not known.  New Orleans + Full Moon+ Humidity & heat create some weird energies…..I was on over-time duty balancing the city.  Why did I think that if I was there on vacation, I didn’t have work?  (energetic clearing, balancing, harmonizing…..esp. at night…!)

Headed back to New York City tomorrow and eager for my own little private space in the West Village.  Yes, those folks know how to play too, but I am use to that energy and it doesn’t effect me quite so strongly…

Anyone else sleeping 5 hours per night?   Or every other night? Having strange half awake/ half asleep dreams?  

I even tried a new one….talking out-loud to the people in my dream to try to continue the story-line.

What are you all up to?

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