February 3, 2012

2012 Is About Sensing And Living Differently

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I loved this video for it so clearly demonstrates what I call ‘seeing differently’or being able to sense past the physical situation. In this video, the main character sees behind the exterior of the situation to the emotional reality. I, however, take the metaphor even deeper. I suggest we put on our multi-dimensional spectacles and learn [...]


January 21, 2012

End of the Mayan Calendar?

A fascinating article by Carl John Calleman, Mayan Calendar Expert, leads me to share the following: The Mayan calendar ostensibly ended on Oct 28, 2011. What happens now? Though the Mayan number system ended on Oct 28th, the wave of energy (what I call ‘other dimensional energy’ and Calleman calls ‘the ninth wave’ ) is [...]


January 17, 2012

Signs Of Awakening


March 7, 2011

A Revolution of Consciousness


On January 26th, Saturn went retrograde, triggering a period of upheaval and imbalance, a time in which to reassess the past and make new decisions about what we want in our lives. It is recommended that you start no new projects until after June 13th, when the retrograde is complete.  Instead, clear your house , [...]


February 14, 2011

The Message Of Valentine’s Day


Round the globe on Valentine’s Day, people of all ages share cards, gifts and flowers, expressing their caring, their love and their friendship.  Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates and thousands of bright, crimson roses are exchanged at romantic dinners between beloveds.  Even five-year old school children create and gift Valentine’s Day Cards to one another. All [...]

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