April 22, 2011

Passover And Easter: An Energetic Perspective


All around the globe, Jews and Christians have recently celebrated two of their most important holidays of the year.

I offer you an expanded multi-dimensional interpretation of each…

Passover – a celebration of freedom from bondage.

On April 18th, Jews around the globe from the US to Ethiopia, from Shanghai to Rio de Janeiro,  celebrated Passover to commemorate the liberation of their ancestors from slavery in Egypt.  How appropriate this holiday seems as men and women in  many countries all over the world  have recently taken to the streets demanding freedom, equal rights, education, and a fair wage etc.!  In each country the people are enslaved, each in different ways, but enslaved nonetheless.

That is just half of the story – the physical, traditional or three dimensional description of Passover and the struggle for freedom.

From the multi-dimensional perspective, we humans are enslaved by our attachment to the third dimension, to our belief that physicality is real, rather than an illusion, that we must fight to achieve our goals, that there is nothing more to life than what we can see, hear, feel, smell and taste.  that we are unable to instantly create what we want and need in our lives; that everything is a struggle.    As we evolve, as our vibrations become more and more rapid, we are becoming more and more liberated from the limitations of physicality.  Thought is becoming instantaneous; we are literally becoming free.

That, to me, is the expanded and true meaning of Passover…

And I leave each of you with a question  - ‘What will make YOU free?’

Easter – a celebration of rebirth, enlightenment.

And, on April 23, Christians the world over celebrated the death and rebirth of Jesus.    Regardless of  one’s personal beliefs about the story of Jesus’s resurrection, I believe it is important to note more than the literal three dimensional interpretation.  From the expanded multi-dimensional perspective, Easter speaks of the evolutionary process towards enlightenment in which humankind is engaged right now….moving from our current dense physical state to a future state with less and less need for a physical structure.   Becoming less and less physical IS the process of enlightenment as we embrace our energetic nature.  The Easter holiday reminds us metaphorically, of the time to come when we will no longer have the need to attach to a physical body.

And, today’s question is;  Can YOU feel the evolution happening in your life?


One comment on “Passover And Easter: An Energetic Perspective

  1. Yes – the expansion is pure energy… Today I had sooo much energy I felt light and free, as if I could do anything be anything. I had to just allow the energy flow through my body… The photo above of the women standing at the rocks greeting the ocean and sun, to me is like tapping into an eternal energy source… One with all :) Thank you Elaine for this shift in consciousness truly magical :)

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