October 12, 2012

“Dig Deep & Be Flexible”

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These are the guidelines offered by Astrologer, Eric Francis for managing the energies of the next three months.

As the energies build toward Dec. 21, 2012, if you are feeling the energies as strongly as I am, these words will hopefully give you a stable railing on which to hold as you walk forward. I share what is offered from the astrological discipline to help you understand what is taking place, energetically.  I hope you will find these guidelines helpful as well.
Sept 29, 2012 Full Moon in Aries (indicative of a major event)
Uranus Square Pluto;
Sun & Moon in opposition.
“What has lurked behind will emerge to the foreground’.
“Creative breakthroughs”. “Awakening.”
“The energy may feel de-stabiiizing, unpredictable,and  frantic.
“Expect the unexpected and remember that awareness and flexibility are your best friends”.
Mercury RetrogradeOct 18 to Dec. 14th
Be cautious and alert in all matters involving international travel and international business. . Put off all major purchases, If you can, avoid signing major contracts and put off making large commitments.
During this unpredictable time, “Know your long term vision”.  ”Dig Deep. Do what is right for you and for the greater good…”
And to all that Eric has offered I add:
Don’t let the U.S. Election get you down. Vision the best man for the job winning.  Make sure you vote and trust that the best and highest for the greatest good IS unfolding, even if you cannot see the sense of it in the moment.   Revel in the uncovering of cover-ups.  It is the time for truths to be told.    Envision a calm resolution to the Middle East upheavals. And, most of all, remember, you as an individual, count.  Your thoughts and beliefs effect your reality.  Put your focus and energy on the positive side of what ever is occurring,  during these pivotal months ahead.
And, this is the perfect moment to clear yourself and your fields of any negative energy you still hold….don’t let it get in the way of your achieving all you desire.
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