December 31, 2012

Hi all my Multi-Dimensional friends!

Hi all my Multi-Dimensional friends,

A Very Happy New Year to all of you! May 2013 be all you dream of and more….

I hope that you have had a blessed holiday and have moved through 12.21.12 with grace and focused intention on positive personal and planetary transformation.

I was lucky enough to be in Byron Bay, Australia, for the Up LIft Festival, where a roster of inspiring speakers* shared their wisdom, welcomed in the new cycle and inspired us to ‘be’ the change we want to see.

8.8.8, 9;9.9, 10.10.10, 11.11.11, 12.12.12 and finally 12.21.12 have passed gently (and without the ending of the world). Humankind has moved through these portals of energy. The frequencies on the planet are significantly different (much faster) than ever before. Now the work begins…Each of us and every system that we know must adapt and align to the new vibrations as we move through the Fourth and into the new world of the Fifth Dimension that encompasses the immaterial realms.

Can you feel the changes? Do you feel ‘awakened’? Can you feel the hopefulness? Are you aware that you can effect the energies around you to create the world you dream of? Is that real or do you consider that magic?

Have you seen the Dynamo Magician on TV? ( Most people think he is a very good magician, but that much of what he does is fake….. For me, the jury is out…and I don’t really care. What I see in his tricks is a reflection of humanity’s need to break loose – to consider the impossible – to shake up our beliefs and shock us into at least considering that anything is possible? Is it possible that Dynamo is using the power of his mind to effect the energies around him? Remember, the earth was considered flat until proven otherwise.

As we move in to the Fifth Dimension and gain new extra-sensory skills, let us use these new gifts wisely. Let us focus on the future, on the positives…and on what might be possible…….We may be very surprised! 

You are energy. You are affected by energy. You affect energy. Together we are one body – able to create the world we desire. Where are you going to put your attention? Where are you going to focus your energy? Join this website to receive information, sharings, and understandings from the energetic world to support you to activate your true energetic self and be all that you can be…You can go through the changes alone or you can learn from those who have walked this path before you….Join the ever-growing community of multi-dimensional beings who are awakening to the true nature of the world and share your deepening knowledge with them as they share with you………

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