February 15, 2013

Life Since 12.21.12? Will 2013 be different?

Dear Friends, The following overview of the coming year is so right on…to my way of thinking… that I want to share Mark Borax’s Forecast for 2013 with you.  Read on and get prepared to shed your skin and evolve into the new world.

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Like the snake shedding its skin, we are becoming new….


Cosmic Weather Report

SPECIAL IN-DEPTH 2013 New Year’s Report By: Mark Borax

Shedding Everything But Love

in the Year of the Snake


January 2013

Westminster West, VT


The much-predicted Winter Solstice of 2012 has come and gone, and in spirit circles around the world people are asking themselves what, if anything, has changed. On the surface most things appear to be the same. Earth still turns around its axis and around the sun. The stars still sweep across the night sky. Rain falls, rivers run and life goes on.

But beneath the appearance of things a new feeling is in the air and new energies rise. The world is humming with possibility. Change is immanent. A new year is upon us and a new world is thrumming beneath the surface of the old.

The best way to decipher the meaning of a year is to combine its Oriental Animal with its numerology. After the Oriental New Year occurs on the 10th of February, 2013 is a 6 Snake Year. The 6 = Task and Obligation, leading to Right Livelihood. The Snake has to do with shedding outmoded forms that have run their course, and undergoing the radical transformation necessary to emerge from the old. As you shed everything in the way of right livelihood, and awaken to the great love within, remember that no barrier can block the creative dream of your soul.

However, the old forms are not easy to shed. Even when obsolete, they bite hard into world consciousness, poisoning the future. They become a dead skin shrinking our muscles, crinkling around the eyeballs, blocking our ability to envision a bright future. This dead skin has to get hooked on something abrasive to anchor it while our newborn selves wriggle free, the way a snake hooks dead skin on a cactus to wriggle free.

The path of evolution this year is neither straightforward nor backward, but winding around, spiraling, serpentine. Like a celestial DNA double helix, the trail leads up and down and around, spiraling through many turns as we push away the old and bring on the new. Sometimes you will seem to be regressing. Many incidents will unfold on the world stage that will cause you to shake your head and wonder at the stupidity of the species – but that drama can be seen as the dead skin that needs to be released, rather than the true course of the future.

Seen in this light, the thorny dilemmas of the year are cactus barbs that provide the opportunity for you to hook old behavior patterns that you haven’t been able to shed, and wriggle free, especially patterns regarding task, work, service, profession, love and sex.

The snake’s intense desire for change will push evolution forward as the old skin ruptures and peels away. The snake’s intense sexual energies will be on the rise.

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The way you use your desire, the things you give your power to, and the places where, like a snake, you’ve become hypnotized by dancing to the false tune of masters of illusion – these form the inner snake path through the year. As the repressed life force of the world — kundalini (coiled serpent power) — uncoils and releases, it will surge through the world body from your head to your spine, as many others across the planet shed their skin and awaken from the mass deception of the modern age.

Hot flashes will expand beyond the province of menopausal women and burst out where you least expect it. This outpouring of life force is needed to initiate tens of thousands of people into the fact that we are all cosmic beings choosing an earthly experience. We all come from spirit in order to bring the full force of our soul into the world. Though encased in physical bodies our consciousness is free to soar beyond. Our living energies are unlimited. This onrushing life force will empower you to return from darkness, dysfunction and defeats and emerge newborn ready to find something to love and care about and believe in. As the dark gets darker and the bright gets brighter on the world stage, symptoms of nausea and vertigo may be less caused by diet, and more due to these kundalini rushes needed to slough off the old dead skin encasing our species.

Being a 6 year, connected to task, the main tasks of 2013 will be to find a way to serve others that serves your inner truth, and to find a passion that bites deeper than the toxic venom of unjust love. The task of the snake is to use its power wisely, rather than in the service of false gods. Old thought forms about the futility of existence, old scenes flashing across movie screens of collective consciousness via newspapers and Internet images must be looked at with special vision to find the hidden truth beneath.

When snakes shed they go temporarily blind, and this is a sign that we need x-ray vision this year to perceive the inner nature of things below the surface. On the surface the chaos of recent years will exacerbate. Floods, famines, hurricanes and earthquakes will mimic the inner turmoil of a species shedding its skin. But down below world changes, social blindness and false power of governments who have lost their way, change will come, spearheaded by a coalition of young and old. Those of us who championed transformation in the 1960s will be assisted by the fresh energies and new ideas of a younger generation unwilling to perpetuate the old.

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With such strong accent on task and transformation, the rawness of clashing forces may blind you. You will feel exposed, vulnerable and at the mercy of external forces. You may lose faith and fail to find method in the madness, but such feelings always accompany the coming of a whole new age.

The past we are being asked to leave behind suffers from lack of love. The generation now dying off suffers from lack of vision. The forces of world government, media and “education” became locked into a suicidal plunge that can only be turned around with the intensity of many growing pains.

The pattern we are shedding is the pattern of having forced ourselves to fit into a broken system. To make the world work we stuffed our truth, damaging our gut instincts, creating illness and distortion. Since the 1970s this disease has grown epidemic, until normalcy itself became a severely twisted version of reality. When you feel poisoned by this venom, dig down into the great love packed into your soul. Let the sheer abrasiveness of world drama slough off your former nature and open your inner vision to the interconnectedness of all things.

To shed everything but love means your commitment will be put to the test. Darkness will vie with light for supremacy on the world stage. The power you’ve been given as a soul manifesting in human form during the greatest change of the ages was not given to you lightly or accidentally. It is no error of the gods that you find yourself here. The force that sent you here is the same creative force that created the universe, and it can remake the world if enough of us awaken to the power that we have to change things.

The task this year is to love the hell out of yourself, to turn the truth of your innermost heart into the beacon light you steer by. To rise up from the chaos of a dying world, peel the old skin off and at long last discover what you’re made of.

Right Livelihood means you’re here to do so much more than pay bills, and that no barrier can block the unleashed creative dream of your soul. For when the world serpent opens her inner eyes, time and space part, and all things reveal their essence.

The Last Snake Year: 2001

The last Snake year occurred when the Twin Towers fell and our country shed isolation and innocence. That event was manipulated by government to dismantle the Constitution. Our administration is now committing legalized murder through wars, drones, torture and assassination. Previous administrations did this on the sly, but the current one is doing it in plain view.

In the Snake Year prior to 2001 we had the great California earthquake of 1989, which shredded false values from thousands of people, and catalyzed a deep search for spirit. The hidden gift of crisis is that it shows you what you can do without. As the earth shakes and the towers of our own time crumble -megoliths of corporate control that have seized the soul of our country — we have the ability to let go of what we no longer need and get to the heart and soul of the matter.


The key astrological events of the year are the Uranus-Pluto squares of May and November, which are part of seven squares these outer planets form between June 24, 2012 and March 16, 2015. In this three-year period our species is given a tunnel of crisis and transformation, designed to snap us out of trance, and propel us into a world based on love more than fear, and diversity rather than monomania. The idea that the rich and powerful people in charge of the world must be obeyed is one of the main things we’re shedding. In the springtime of the year, around the May Square, who you love and how you love will provide the tunnel of initiation. In the autumn, near the November Square, old wounds and dark karma from the past will bite, in order to heal the part of you that got caught repeating the deadly old pattern. The nature of karma is that you can’t transmute the past until you create some new version of the thing that went wrong, and this time awaken to more choice in the matter.

During the winding snake path of the year it will be best to remember that the toxic venom of a snake contains its own cure. During this three-year period of squares we will be given the most extraordinary ability to put the world back on track. The power that you have to join this project is simple: Just remember you’re part of a binary system. At every moment you can choose love over fear.

Aries: Despite your timidity and confusion you are a spiritual warrior who needs to choose your battles wisely rather than exhaust yourself fighting everything. Spiritual Warriors are distinguished from other kinds by claiming the great truth that you are your own greatest opponent and ally. Once you work out your inner turmoil nothing will stand in your way. Those people who shut you down are simply reminders of the part of you that has been blocking yourself. Once you vanquish your inner opponents the outer ones will be easier to deal with.

Taurus: As a child you possessed the greatest gift of all, which is the truth of your fierce independent love for existence. Poet John Keats referred to this when he said, “I am certain of nothing but the holiness of the heart’s affections and the truth of the imagination. What the imagination perceives as beauty must be true even if it never before existed.” If, in the service of growing up, you left that truth behind this is the year to reclaim it and come home to yourself again – your beauty inspires many.

Gemini: You’ve heard it all before and you’re going to hear it again: life is no random sequence of events, but a dance of opportunity, both improvisational and choreographed. The choreography is by spirit; the improvisation is up to you. When the way ahead is blocked, you got bogged down in someone else’s dream. You took limitation seriously. You forgot the power of the awakened soul. But even blockage is not somehow outside the grand choreography of the gods. It’s just there to cause you to dig deeper into what you really believe before streaming back into the service that is active love.

Cancer: Your secret super power is knowing the hidden code of how things work. Everything belongs to everything else. All things have a home. Nothing is an orphan. The mother and father of all your striving is the great love that poured you into the universe. The same places you got lost in will reveal the meaning of all things, once you find your kinship in it. Your place in cosmos and earth is assured, but all your questions have the benefit of helping you test the system, so you can learn to be productive in ways that flourish the soul. You’re much more of a leader than you thought. This becomes apparent as soon as you recognize the paradox that your greatest weakness is also your greatest strength.

Leo: When your deeper passion combines with that truth you’ve been holding back, the ecstatic joy of childhood will return even stronger, and combine with the wisdom of your experience. Your heart is a knowing organ as well as a feeling one, and everything out there will line up for you once you listen to its wisdom. Take the best of what you learned from others, and the truth of what you know inside, and follow that path with the innocent wisdom of the child.

Virgo: Your purpose is to combine the truth of intuition with the canny insights of observations. Adjusting this blend will be the work of your life. At any stage you only need to be responsible for one phase – you’re not supposed to have it all perfected. This means you will often get tipsy by placing too little emphasis on your intuition, and then tip over to the other side by placing too little on what you observe. Those stumblings are there to help you find the clear path through the middle. You are more capable than you know, and have more assistance than you think.

Libra: A wave of change was set in motion before you were born. It powered your soul out of the bliss of oneness into the pumping madness of incarnation. The endless list of things to be put right drives you crazy, but everything becomes clearer once you realize you are a co-creator of the universe. The part of you that’s God sent you here. The part of you that’s mortal stumbles around trying to figure it all out. When your crazy dreams align with the even crazier dreams of the universe, the cosmic joke will be revealed to you that everything is perfect.

Scorpio: You’ve been a stranger in a strange land because nothing but love makes sense and you’re the only one who seems to know it. People around you get sidetracked by so many other things, but your magnificent obsession must be to follow the truth of your heart to the end of time. Your awkwardness is small price to pay in return for the ability to light up the world.

Sagittarius: You’re a sneaky genius who dimmed your light to avoid blinding others. This raises the question of what you’re here for – to keep them happy, or move mountains. Life is a matter of what you say yes to, and a really impeccable NO erects a sacred circle, within which a thousand yeses can be born.

Capricorn: Every lost dream and unresolved argument has spiraled you down and around the self-judgment of your own imperfection. Let’s get this over with once and for all – YOU’RE NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE. YOU’RE NOT PERFECT AND NEVER WILL BE. YOU’RE NOT PERFECT AND DON’T HAVE TO BE, because you are so much more real than that. You came here to be the magical, outrageous, horny, half-crazy goat-person whose pan pipes lead the world to a high point.

Aquarius: You are a gloriously cracked misfit who can’t do things right because doing things “right” is cracking the world apart. It’s not that you now have to spend your time doing things wrong, it’s just that every king needs a fool to show him the way, and every George needs a Gracie to make the world cry with laughter.

Pisces: You’re being stalked by a murky figure that turns out to be your own past life which left something undone. This is no moral judgment on your imperfection. It’s a reminder that your soul chose to enter this karmic theater in order to gain compassion for those who suffer while rising to the fullness of how wonderful you are. The truth you’re on the verge of is that the world needs you much more than you will ever need the world, but it needs you to be just the way you are — only much more so.

“For more sunsign snapshots for 2013″, and more info from Mark Borax See:


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