October 23, 2012

Frustrated Travels

I left my apt at 1:30PM EST, arrrived at the airport at 2:30PM, on the flight to France at 5:30PM; and in Paris at 6:05AM the following day (or 12:05AM in NYC).  So far so good – the expected 10 1/2 hours from my door to the Paris Airport.  My excitement is building.  Only 2 1/2 hours to get to my rental house in the Loire Valley..
And that’s when things got testy….No space on the next train to my destination city (Blois); no trains for another 4 hours….; A railroad workers strike had cancelled all subway trains to Paris where I could get a different train to my destination;
In line with my philosophy that there is always a solution, I took a taxi to Paris and caught the next train to Blois (only 1 hour wait). Finally, on the train and getting closer.  Once in Blois, I take a taxi to the Hertz dealership all set to pick up my rental car & be on my way.
Oops! Surprise, surprise, Hertz has no confirmation of my reservation.  I am in Blois, by myself, for two weeks in the countryside outside of the city with no car!  In halting french, I ask if he can find me a car. I have no cars, Madame…Can you find me a car from another dealer?  Yes, I can try….in a half hour, when they open again after lunch….Remember, I had arrived in France at 6:05AM; it is now 2:30PM. Everything in France closes between 12 and 2 while the French enjoy a leisurely lunch.  An hour later I have rented an Avis car and am on the road…
However, I have learned that my French credit card has expired.  Thank goodness, I have an American Visa Card which Avis accepts.  I decide to stop at the bank in Blois to try to sort out the expired Credit Card.  NO such luck…The bank is closed on Mondays!
I let it all go and drive to my rented house to begin my vacation…..arriving at 3:30 PM….10 hours after arriving in Paris.  The same amount of time, it took for me to cross the ocean from NYC to Paris, a trip that normally takes 2 1/2 hrs!
What is the message from this saga?  
Is there an energetic or multi-dimensional explanation or is this just bad luck?  
Please let me know what you think?
I will offer my answer in my next post……………


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    It sounds both hectic and exciting. You had put in so much energy in getting to where you had planned.All that unexpected delay, cancellations proves we have no control over things and yet you were at your destination.I think excitement and anticipation sometimes make things foggy.Did you meet people during this time?Did someone have a message for you? Were you able to give in..and just go with the flow? Even as i am reading it..i can sense your the impact it had on you,frustation, your excitement and tiny bit of anger.Did you feel it was almost unlike you to feel this way? I think that place had some huge amount of energy. You were meant to be a part of it.You tell me Elaine..I always turn to you when I have questions like these:)

    Comment by Fatima Kazmi — October 23, 2012 @ 9:37 AM

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    Dear Fatima,

    Of course, my personality self was frustrated, but my energetic, multi-dimensional self was able to step back, observe what was unfolding and actually laugh at the situation as it seemingly got steadily worse. I began to sense the resistance that existed in France, the stuck french energy that was all pervasive and was blocking the way to my rental house and my holiday in France. I did not feel it was directed at me personally; I was being merely effected by it as I had entered the field. The French, like many people around the globe are having a very hard time. Those who are sensitive may experience it as blockages, as I did.

    When I shifted gears within my personality, releasing my frustration and irritation and just gave in to it, things eased. I thought to myself – ‘OK. I am here for a reason, even if I can’t see it. I will just allow my energy body to do its work, cleaning and clearing the spaces and people with whom I come in contact. I sometimes see myself as a kind of cosmic vacuum cleaner. That is what I became that afternoon.

    Once I tuned in to that energetic reality, the whole episode became amusing and not frustrating. What else could I do, but laugh and try to enjoy the process. And yes, I did meet some interesting people en route. I had my computer with me and I was able to get some work done. I took some time to walk, to browse the shop windows, savor a cup of tea, watch the people go by and generally just enjoy the afternoon. So what if I arrived many hours later than I anticipated. And so, I finally reached my destination, having completed, I feel, a worthwhile energetic assignment.

    How do I know I was working energetically, you ask? I have no way of offering you proof. I sense/felt it. And, as I let go to the process rather than feeling miserable and fighting it, I felt the energy release as if an invisible doorway had opened up, enabling me to walk through. After the blockages, I experienced an easy flow…I have had many experiences like this. There are energetic messages everywhere. Resisting the energies is a futile and unpleasant thing to do. The energy I encounter, I sense as ‘real’… “Go with the flow” is quite a literal expression for me…

    Comment by Elaine — October 25, 2012 @ 9:13 PM

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