November 6, 2012


We Are All One

I am feeling Incredible gratitude for minimal loss of life, coupled with deep compassion for those whose losses are more than can be imagined.  I am touched by the unexpected kindness and generosity from strangers.   In the multi-dimensional world, we are all ONE; we are learning to live with this as our truth.

Symptoms are Energetic as well as Physical

I, or those around me, were ill in body, mind and energy at the storm’s destruction and devastation… Some were dizzy, turned around,  spinning with confusion and incomprehension. How could this be happening?  How will we cope?  Others rejected the required changes; they developed flu-like symptoms and, unable to digest the magnitude of what must be transformed, they attempted to vomit up the destruction and the unknown.

I developed a a deep body-racking cough that seemed to get worse and worse each day.  I knew I was attempting to  cough up the old, the negative, the non-serving,  the detritus and the systems of the past that no longer work to make space for the new that I cannot even imagine…  I coughed and coughed and finally moments after I heard that the power had been turned on in my NY apartment (I have been staying with my son in CT),  something released, and I was finally able to clear my lungs.  Gradually over the next few hours, the coughing subsided and my energy began to return.  A coincidence, you ask?  Perhaps in some purely physical, three dimensional world, it would be considered so.  In the multi-dimensional world, I believe that in coughing, I had balanced all that could be balanced for this moment in time, and my body released. Who, among you, has experienced any of these symptoms?

I experienced and observed endless insomnia, alternating with the desire to sleep and sleep.  On the surface, it seems we were either avoiding the reality outside by snoozing our way through the storm or we were too disturbed by that reality to sleep, but from a multi-dimensional perspective, there is more.  Some of those who could not sleep were working energetically to balance the energies of change and our human emotions.  While working out in the ethers, there is little or no energy to remain asleep. And, for those who felt like there were moments when they had sleep apnea and could not stay awake, I believe you were just plain energetically exhausted from the process of maintaining energetic  balance as best you could.  Was your inner energy worker involved in this way?

And then… the power was restored…the lights went on, the water began to recede, help arrived, the enormous storm clean-up began. We now begin to rebuild, restore, regenerate, renew.  For some, life will never be the same; for others, deep lessons have been learned.

We are in the midst of an energetic evolution

This was way more than a hurricane…Sandy was a reflection of the deep, paradigm-shifting transformation, sweeping the planet clean, demanding that we dig deep and make the necessary changes to insure the planet and all her beings awaken; we cannot continue to keep our eyes closed and go on as we were before.  We are in the midst of an energetic evolution, my friends.  Our old ways are as antiquated as an outgrown shoe, and as unwelcome in the newly emerging world as dinosaurs would be.

Treat physically, think energetically:

What are we to do?  I have no simple answer.  I believe we must become aware and responsive to the energetic changes.  As we are still physical beings in physical bodies, we must respond to the physical situations, protect and care for our homes, environments, and bodies physically while simultaneously, we must think of the experiences energetically.  I was ill and not ill.  My symptoms were physical as well as energetic.  Recovery and evolution demand we pay attention to both.

Planet Earth in 2012 and beyond

We must look beyond our physical surroundings for signs of truth and energetic guidance as to how to be.  We must be humane to our sister and brother humans.  We must recognize and accept that something very big and very powerful is happening here on Planet Earth in 2012 and beyond.  It is the unfolding of a whole new way of being.

Conscious Evolution

This is not a time for fear and withdrawal; it is a time of gratitude.  Never before has humanity had conscious awareness of its own evolution.  We do.  Let’s make sure we don’t resist, become brittle and snap or fall like the trees in the storm, but rather let us awaken, sway and bend and become the new species on earth.  I call this new species, Homo Energeticus, for this newly emerging human is not only a thinking being (Homo Sapiens), but a fully aware energetic one who is able to ‘read’ (sense/feel) and learn from the unseen messages in the winds and frequencies around us.   We have just been through a huge portal; let us be kind and gentle to ourselves as we adapt to the changes that are unfolding.*

*I believe this interpretation is valid for all beings everywhere on planet earth.  The eastern seacoast of the United States experienced this storm physically, but the entire world watched, witnessed its power and was effected energetically by the changes it triggered.
For more information and help dealing with the current energetic changes contact Elaine Seiler for consulting, visit her Facebook page or check out one of her books.


  1. avatarmonika on said:

    thank you for these precious informations.Although I live in Germany I am deeply connected (also via Facebook and working with the Global Coherence Initiative)with all the people being affected by Hurricane Sandy.
    I feel my whole digestive system is so sensitive and I can not digest food with low energy any more.Also I can not stand the sour smell of sweat of people eating unhealthy food …I had a brain surgery in March and while meditating it´s sometimes very chaotic patterns..sometimes a light shining through sometimes I can feel 2 days before storms arise in my head the pressure rises up .. the last days I feel very impatient and anxious about people who just do not care of what is going on..and it makes me sad cauese I am a very loving and caring person…on other days I feel so connected and filled with a sweetness and hapiness and love like I never felt in my body´s still up and down..but in the end I know it´all happens for a good reason and brings us to a higher frequency of love and compassion
    all the best for you may you have loving and likeminded people on your way with greetings from the heart Monika

    • Dear Monika,
      Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. I am blessed by connecting with people like you and encouraged to continue to share what I perceive and have hidden for so long. I am still feeling the aftermath of the storm; I am still congested and still coughing, but I trust that as the storm clean-up continues and people return to their homes that the super sensitive ones amongst us will also settle and rebalance. Be reassured that you are not alone in feeling these reflections of the world outside us and that processing these energies, as you do, in your body, is a great service to the planet. many blessings, Elaine

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