January 21, 2012

End of the Mayan Calendar?

A fascinating article by Carl John Calleman, Mayan Calendar Expert, leads me to share the following:

The Mayan calendar ostensibly ended on Oct 28, 2011.
What happens now?

Though the Mayan number system ended on Oct 28th, the wave of energy (what I call ‘other dimensional energy’ and Calleman calls ‘the ninth wave’ ) is still very active and will continue indefinitely. Day and night will continue, but the energies of life have shifted.

The wave of energy present at this time, will, according to Calleman, ‘grind’ itself into the consciousness of humankind until unity consciousness becomes a reality. He adds, ‘there is no turning back’.

This validates my own understanding that the evolutionary shift and the energetic changes happening on the planet today cannot be stopped.

These changes will have two especially profound practical reflections. The old system of dominance in politics and economics will be dissolved. We see evidence of the beginnings of this change in the global Occupy Wall St. protests, the revolutions in Syria and Egypt and the increasing collapse of the Euro.

And the former energetic basis for all religion has ended. Until now, divinity was thought to be outside ourselves; it has now shifted and the divine (God or Goddess) is now completely found inside human beings themselves.”.

These are huge shifts for humankind. Though I am not a student of the Mayan Calendar, I find Calleman’s remarks totally in keeping with my understanding of the energetic evolution occurring on the planet today. For more information see;


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    As a European, I find it fascinating that it was after 28 October 2011 that it became clear that the debt crisis won’t pass without some countries leaving the Euro and possibly having their economies fall apart.

    Calleman says that timed predictions about changes to the system of economic dominance can’t be made anymore, but it doesn’t feel to me like it’ll be a long time coming…

    Comment by Jane Hurley — January 25, 2012 @ 6:22 AM

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    It’s hard to say what exactly is going to happen. The old saying, “change your thoughts, change your life” can have a huge impact. People are waking up more and more everyday and taking responsibility for their thoughts and actions. Changing old habits and beliefs that no longer work for them. The old energy is passing. It’s up to all of us on how extreme it becomes. Stay focused on your thoughts, feelings and actions. Thanks for stopping by, reading my blog and giving me feedback. I really appreciate it.

    Comment by Elaine — January 26, 2012 @ 6:06 AM

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