February 20, 2012

Becoming a conscious part of the whole By Elaine Seiler

As we are infused with the energies from the other dimensions, as is happening on the planet today, we shift gears. It is as if we take off our limited three-dimensionsal eye glasses and put on new spectacles that enable us to sense more and see differently.  We begin to sense from a multi-dimensional perspective.  We seem to have more ability to feel part of the collective.  We are more likely to feel what another feels, more likely to intuit what others are sensing.  We become a more conscious part of the whole of which we have been a part all along, but we were asleep to that reality.  I call it a ‘dimensional-handicap’.

This shift can be challenging, forcing us to have confusing thoughts, intense emotions and even odd physical reactions, but each challenge can be a gift, releasing what was no longer serving and opening us up to a deeper part of ourselves, to others, to the whole and to the ‘all that is’.  At least it has been so for me. I suffered from this handicap for many years and it is only in the past few years, as the energies have speeded up, have I been pushed, prodded and pulled to open my other-dimensional eyes and see/sense more than I had before.

As our frequencies increase and begin to approach the more rapid frequencies of the ‘other’ dimensions, we easily begin to live as if from that place, where there is only cooperation, unity, collaboration and oneness.  Then, everything changes and we live in physical reality as if we were living in the energetic reality.

We have always been part of the whole, but we were unaware, asleep; Now the evolution of the energies is catalyzing an awakening as if we were stirring from a long winter hibernation. Rather than fight it, let us embrace and celebrate the change.

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