February 8, 2012

The Power of 11.11.11. Will Continue On

I am aware that 11.11.11 has long gone, but the information re. the energies and changes that were initiated on that day are still relevant.  I am therefore sharing it with you today to shed light on the whole year before us.

Angel Comments

~Magickal Graphics~

Thank you to Archangel Michael as channeled through Rev. Nina Roe.(

You will notice that the 1′s are guideposts on a path. The 1′s on either side represent unification of heaven and earth.

This will allow the emergence of the triple Goddess energy creating a pathway of rebalancing the masculine/feminine energies bringing a world of greater compassion, true wisdom, certainty of purpose and love.

You can think of these portals as doorways to the new earth.

One represents transformation of the body, the next represents transformation of the mind and the third represents transformation of the spirit.

Transformation of the body is about allowing your compassionate heart to determine how you care for yourself with food, exercise, and all matters of your physical being.

Transformation of the mind is about surrendering the ego and allowing your mind to merge with divine intelliegence making decisions from the soul level.

Transformation of the spirit is about making your spiritual health a top priority, surrendering to the truth of Oneness and allowing your angels to guide you along the path of your life mission.

There will be no more hiding from the truth of what this means. Living your life mission will be essential to your personal success and to future of the planet.

You must allow this change to affect you body, mind and spirit. This is a matter of survival. Like the hunter who knows when it’s time to hunt, this is not about fear but rather awareness. Awareness for the sake of survival.

There has been nothing wrong with the earthly experience of this departing era. It was necessary for the lessons that needed to be learned. It is simply time now for change.

While my message to you today may seem abrupt or harsh, please know it is necessary. My intention is to inspire a call to action.

Follow your truth, whatever that is. Align your body, your mind and your spirit with this truth and you will thrive.

Know that this is a journey and will not happen overnight. For all earth inhabitants, this transformation will take some time and is meant to. It’s all good.

Your next step? Keep your intention focused on truth…and trust the rest will unfold as we guide you through these precious portals.

Ever thine…

Archangel Michael

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