February 21, 2012

Wake up call 21.2.12

Hello everyone, I wanted to share with you this very important email I received. Feel free to share and join in.

There’s a tweet you can retweet at the bottom of the article to help spread the word of this awesome event.¬†Also please enjoy and share the video I created to educate the youth of today about what’s going on energetically.

Hi Elaine,

If there is one thing that today’s young people are exceptionally clear about, it’s that our world needs a Wake Up Call!

On Tuesday, February 21, 2012, young people in 82 countries and territories around the globe are raising awareness and organizing actions on the issues that affect them the most, spreading one global message: “This is a Wake Up Call.”

Each country has chosen its own specific issue to focus on, with three types of “actions” taking place:

Show Ups – rallies, protests, flash mobs, lobbying, & houseparties

Call Ups – mass phone calling & texting of strategically targeted leaders

Type Ups – online petitions, blogging, facebooking, & mass emailing

In Ecuador, young people are calling on their government to support civic engagement initiatives. In China, young people are calling for the support of youth social entrepreneurialism. In the United States, young people are calling on political leaders to support clean and fair elections. In Jordan, the focus is on clean and renewable energy, and in Indonesia, young people are demanding greater governmental transparency.

Generation Waking Up is fired up to be participating in this global day of awareness & action that aligns so closely with our message and mission, and we’d like to invite you to get involved if you’re not already.

Here are a five ways that you can support this Wake Up Call:

1) Like the global Wake Up Call group on Facebook.

2) Participate in an action taking place in your country.

3) Sign a petition for Wake Up Call USA calling on Obama and Congressional leaders to “Strike the Root, Transform the System”

4) Create a personal Wake Up Call picture to help raise awareness.

5) Spread the word by email, facebook, and twitter!

Gratitude for your efforts toward making this wake up call be heard loud & clear around the world!

In solidarity,
Joshua and all the GenUp Team

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