March 20, 2012


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We all experience stress at one time or another.  I want to introduce you to a whole new way of perceiving and coping with everyday stress.

Let me introduce you to the world of energetics, the world of vibrations that make up everything in and around you.  Neither your body, not your environment are solid; they are made of rapidly moving molecules, dancing through space so quickly that you can not see them.  All of humankind has agreed to perceive these objects as solid; in truth they are not.

Let’s deal with stress from this energetic viewpoint

Winter is coming to an end…spring is around the corner and suddenly, our list of to do’s seems endless…The closets need cleaning, the spring clothes must be located;  the kids need new sneakers, you need to plan your partner’s birthday party, the car needs to be serviced, it’s time for dental and medical check ups, The list goes on and on; you just can’t imagine how you are going to do it all.  You feel overwhelmed and depressed.

What can you do?  The answer – shift gears, just the way you would shift gears in a car.  Shift from a low gear to a high gear, shift from a low, limiting, negative  state of vibration to one that is higher, lighter, more joyous and more fun….a state in which the feelings of frustration, depression, anger or self-judgment cannot exist.

Negative feelings have low, slow or heavy vibrations. Positive feelings, like joy, happiness, fulfillment, laughter, hopefulness, harmony and peace have high vibrations.  When you shift from negative feelings to positive ones, the negative ones just disappear; they simply cannot exist in the vibrational field of the high vibrations.  It is a bit like placing a cube of ice Into a cup of hot water; the ice will not continue to exist; it will melt and become one with the higher vibrations of the warm water. So, if you shift gears and slide into a state of higher vibration, you will feel less stress and feel as if magic is happening around you as everything around you shifts as well.

See my next article to learn the how of such an energetic shift…….

How can you leave stress and angst behind and walk joyously into the future.

~ Elaine Seiler

Coping With Stress Part Two


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