March 14, 2012

Window of Opportunity

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Thanks to Losita Bhattacharya.

I am posting this interview between Losita Bhattacharya and Franco D Nicola to introduce the concept of time lines and to reinforce my belief that we create our reality and can effect the outcome of the current planetary shift. We can create a reality we choose in 2012………… Elaine

Many of us are experiencing a rapid shift in both our inner and outer reality. As more information about our planet comes to the forefront through science, our earth’s history beyond what was known to us is de-mystified, and collapse of older structures push us to strive towards finding new ways to discover happiness and fulfillment in our lives, we move with speed towards a shift in consciousness. 2012 has always been a marker for evolutionary changes in our world. However, there are still several stories attached to it and some of these stories, or prophecies, with unfavorable outcomes, keep some of us in worry and fear. Irrespective of what we choose to believe about 2012, there is general consensus about the fact that we create our reality through our thoughts, feelings and actions. If that is the case, could we change the outcomes of 2012 through what we choose to believe?
Beliefs and Prophecies
2012 was a big trigger for me, as it has been for many others. Several years back, I read an article on the controversy of what 2012 would bring, and it immediately put me in a space of uncertainty and alarm. Since then I have heard several versions of 2012, but as I moved more and more into my own spiritual practice and my own inner knowing, my inner state of consciousness changed, and these beliefs started to lose its stronghold on me. Not only that, as I shifted, my vision for 2012 changed, not just for myself but also for the world. When I tried looking back at the time when I was in fear, I actually could not feel or live that experience at all.
As I was shifting, I also started noticing that I was meeting new people and experiencing synchronistic events that helped me to shift faster and reinforce my vision of a safer world around me. Not only that, I was also surprised with some of the responses from people around me who were unusually supportive of my change and my views. It perplexed me until I started realizing that it was not just my inner state of consciousness that was changing, I was also shifting my frequency and therefore living a different timeline of reality!
Franco DeNicola explains that we each have a number of personal timelines. These timelines are bands of frequencies that we operate through and each of these frequencies has a version of us experiencing life simultaneously. As our consciousness shifts, we choose a different timeline to experience. This shift happens automatically, even without us being conscious of it. Franco says, “Each timeline has a series of events and opportunities to play. As you increase along the timelines, the density and separation levels are reduced…As you move through your experiences and you become more enlightened or you start to get the lessons to make changes within your life, you shift into a different timeline.”
What does this shifting timelines have to do with us and prophecies of 2012? It is important to realize that just like us, the earth too has a choice of timelines. However, as collective consciousness on this planet, when we decide to play one way or the other, we choose one of the timelines of Earth collectively to experience. The prophecies of the past are ‘projections’ of these different timelines. Depending on what our inner state is, and on what we believe, 2012 will present that reality for us to experience as an individual. However, as we shift our individual experience of how 2012 will play out, we will also affect the collective, as everything is interconnected, and together we ARE the collective on this planet. If we look at some of these prophecies, it should give us a reason to celebrate instead of staying in fear. Franco mentions in his seminar that we have superseded a lot of devastation because we have already jumped timelines. He says, “In fact, we are entering a timeline of great opportunity. This is an opportunity for us to find who we are and to create a life without limitations.”

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    Dear Elaine: I just want you to know that we spent six hours in the car this past weekend listening to “Multidimensional YOU” and found ourselves completely immersed in it. Elaine, this is absolutely fantastic and life-changing work you are doing. I hope your work continues to fly all over the world to those who are ready to be awakened, which is SO many of us these days! Thank you for all you do to make the world glow and change!!!

    Comment by Anne Milligan — March 14, 2012 @ 8:48 PM

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