June 5, 2012

June 6th, World Peace Day

Credo Mutwa, high Zulu Shaman, implores the Dalai Lama and all of humankind to join in meditation for world peace and a gentle transition to the new world on June 6th, World Peace Day.  Be a part of this paradigm and life changing Venus Transit.  YOU can make a difference!

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Credo Mutwa is the high shaman of the Zulu people, a wisdom keeper for the African continent, entrusted with the ancient history of humanity,
and with keys to our transition into an age of light.

This refers to a direct conjunction between Venus, which represents beauty and love, with the Sun, which is the heart of our soular system. The movement of Venus across the face of the Sun reflects a cycle of new creation aligned with our highest visions of peace, beauty and light.
This particular transit, the last that most of us are likely to experience in our lifetimes, thus represents a powerful potential to initiate a time of global transformation that mystics and prophets in many traditions through the ages have been long awaiting.

Like many indigenous shamans around the world, Credo Mutwa has been working tirelessly to alert humanity about these times to come. As a young shaman, he learned about the different prophesies of the great shift in consciousness on earth, but also of the cataclysms and catastrophes that would accompany these major events. Credo was very saddened and concerned and asked his teacher, if there is anything that he could do to prevent these catastrophes from happening. His teacher replied that if enough people would join together and pray for peace, the prophesied catastrophes would not happen in full force and the transition time could be much smoother and easier.

In response to this call we would like to invite all people in every corner of the world, whatever tradition you may belong to, whether individually or in groups, to come together in your own way during the upcoming Venus transit for a gentle transition of our planet into an Age of Light.
The mid-point of the Venus transit is 1:10 am UT on June 6, 2012 and the actual transit goes from about 3 hours before till about three hours afterwards
(world wide time for the transit –

"I wish to appeal to the world.
First, I am not a quack or a charlatan or a sensationalist.
I am an old man who has seen much.
I wish the world to know that there is a faint ray of hope that emanates from South Africa."
 ~ Credo Mutwa, Traditional Zulu Shamanic Healer

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