July 31, 2012

Independence from Old Patterns

Keith Allen, the creator of wonderful fractal mandalas offers us an effective strategy to energetically
shift our stuck places…thank you, Keith..

Our lives are created from patterns, patterns of light and energy. Most of these patterns are helpful. We have energetic patterns that help us drive a car, make breakfast, regulate out heart rate, these are all below our conscious level. These patterns help us make sense of our world and to navigate our lives. However, there are also many other pattern that are no longer useful that we still hold on to.
We are powerful creative beings that are tapped into the infinite resources of The Universe, which we use to create our amazing lives. Our thoughts create our lives. Creating does take a lot of energy, this is why we use patterns to create with. Patterns make creating our lives easier and more efficient. The challenge is when we use default patterns (old patterns) that do not serve us well. We tend to create a reality that is more painful and less joyful than is necessary.
Here is great news, you are NOT your patterns, your patterns are not permanent. Who you truly are is completely independent of these patterns, your patterns are just the tools you use to create your amazing life and to have the experiences that you choose. So if you want new experiences, you will need to create some new patterns.
In the transformational sessions I do, I am working with these patterns. I do not create new patterns for my clients, I help create some space in the BioMagnetic field where old tired patterns can fade away and new vibrant patterns can emerge. This is often done while having an enjoyable conversation. The truth is these patterns are not difficult to change, you are changing them all the time. When we release our identity with these patterns they dissolve without struggle.
Here is an example of a common pattern, “I never have enough.” If we identify with this pattern we can create an illusion of struggle that has nothing to do with who we are. You are from Infinite Source, your soul emerges from infinite resources, your creative mind operates beyond this physical reality. You are a creative marvel and you are accessing infinite resources to create an illusion of lack, crazy huh? Well we all do this, so at least you are in good company. So let’s play with this pattern a bit. Let’s find some independence from patterns that no longer serve us.
I want to give you a powerful affirmation that can help dissolve the old patter and create healthy vibrant new ones. Here is what I would like you to do – copy the following affirmation onto 11 different pieces of paper by hand, place them in 11 different places of significance to you. Some great ideas for placing these affirmations would be; in you wallet, beside your bed, on you mirror, at the back of your mailbox etc. I encourage you to have these be the first words you speak out loud every morning for a week and the last before you sleep. You will be amazed how life begins to emerge in abundance all around you.
Affirmation: “I have perpetual access to more than I need and my abundance is an overflow of joy to others and myself.”
This powerful affirmation will create a doorway for new experiences with abundance. Try this for an entire week and watch what unfolds.

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