July 10, 2012

Learning About Energetics. Akuyoe Interviews Elaine Seiler


Here’s a special treat. Elaine Seiler was interviewed by Akuyoe Graham. This interview is full of exciting information about how Elaine learned all about energetics. This will be a three part interview. Subscribe to Elaine’s blog posts so you do not miss out on any part of this special interview. ~ TE Team

AN INTERVIEW WITH ELAINE SEILER.  by Akuyoe Graham. (part one)


Akuyoe:  Have you had any help as you learned about energetic frequencies?

Elaine:  I was very fortunate to have a mentor, who was able to see or rather to sense-feel the energies that I was experiencing, but could not see.  Remember I am talking about that which is beyond the five senses,. When I say ‘see’, I don’t mean see with eyes; I’m talking more ‘sense-feel’. Now, some people actually do see energies. Some people hear energies. Some people see energy as color. Some people feel the vibrations in their bodies. There are many ways you can sense/ feel the energies. However, my particularly mentor was able to see the experience that I was having and offer me an explanation of what was going on and I’ll went, “Oh, yes! Now, I understand!”

Akuyoe:  So, let me guess… I wanna really make sure that I’m understanding that, and also, make sure our listeners are understanding. You didn’t know what what’s going on, you didn’t know the backstory, let’s say.

Elaine:  Correct.

Akuyoe:  And yet, you were sensitive enough to have felt something..

Elaine:  That’s right and with her help I began to understand more and more of the world I had unwittingly entered. Sometimes I would get the understanding myself.  Other times, I needed assistance from my mentor and what she told me would be a brand new perception.

Let me give you another example which is much more complicated than what I just shared, and one of the most powerful experiences of my training process. I took a workshop with a very well-known workshop leader.  I had felt very, very motivated to go to the workshop. I knew I needed to go. I really was excited and anticipating that I was going to find my people. Meaning, I was going to find people that I could resonate to.  When you talk about energies, like this, not everybody understands what I am referring to. This goes back many years; it’s changed a lot.  There’s much more receptivity and understanding of this concepts today. But when I started, there wasn’t. So, I didn’t have many people to talk to about this. I went to this workshop. Very excited, as I say, and I got there and I felt like a fish out of water. I didn’t relate to anyone in the room. I didn’t relate to the people who are taking the class and I didn’t relate to the teacher. And I thought, “What is going on here? I know I’m supposed to be here. I knew I needed to come.”And, yet, everything that, my three dimensional personality, Elaine anticipated … did not occur. It was a long workshop. It was 7 days and I sat through it for 7 days. And I was frustrated and confused and, sometimes, bored. It was very heady and I sat, and I took notes. I was a very good student. OK. We get to the end of it. It’s time to say goodbye and I am, absolutely, compelled from the inside to go up to the workshop leader and say “goodbye”. And I’m thinking, “I can’t do this: I don’t have anything to say to him!” I’m not somebody who can make up stories and pretend that it was fabulous, if it wasn’t. I don’t do that. So, what was I going to say? But my body got up and walked up to him and went to say goodbye and all I could say was,“Thank you very much”, and, he said, “No, No, stop!” He said, “Let me thank you.”And I looked at him, mystified and I thought, “What was he thanking me for?”.  He went on to say, “Because you were in the workshop, because you were in this room, I was able to sense, feel and interpret the field more clearly and more effectively than you had not been in this room.”

And at that time, I had no idea what he was talking about. I didn’t understand what he was saying at all. It was beyond my experience at that point because I didn’t have any of these understanding of energies in a field. Now, I understand that he was telling me about one of my skills.  He was translating it for me.

When I’m in a field, whether it’s a small one with one individual or group, my body acts as an instrument of balance and harmony. So, the energy that I put out and pulsate out clears that field and balances it. So, let’s say there were 30 people in that room and, let’s say, that the energies of those 30 people were all different and all are coming in a different levels of understanding, different levels of interest in what he was talking about, different levels of internal balance.   Some may have been emotionally distraught and some may have been peaceful and calm. But when you have those kinds of differences in a group, everything might have been at sixes and sevens. No harmony, right? There is just disparity in that room.  If you have somebody who’s acting as an energetic balancer, they pulsate out energy from the higher dimensions, in and out, in and out until it goes back out at a higher level than it was before. It keeps re-circulating through someone like me until the energies gets smooth out and over a period of time they gradually become much more harmonious. For anyone teaching in that environment, it’s much easier to teach because you’re teaching in a calm space. You’re not fighting all the other energy waves in it. And so, because he had a skill to see those energies, he, actually, knew what I was doing. I didn’t know what I was doing.

Akuyoe:  So, in other words, you thought you were going there just to take a workshop, when in an actuality your real call to be there was to balance the energies and to really help teach the workshop in essence because you we’re supporting the workshop leader.



Akuyoe:  What is a multi-dimensional being? What does that mean?

Elaine: A Multi-Dimensional Being is one who is awake and aware of the realms of energy that are beyond the third dimensional realm. In the third dimension we have agreed that our five senses are going to show us truth.  In the realms beyond the third dimension, one must rely on intuition and guidance to understand.  When you cross the veil between the third and the other dimensions, you begin to interact with the energies that can only be known by accessing what exists beyond the five senses.  I believe we are in the midst of an energetic evolution that will move all of humankind from being three dimensional to being multi-dimensional and gaining greater and greater awareness of those unseen, subtle realms beyond the physical.

Akuyoe:  Beautiful! As you were talking, it reminded of the film, Avatar.

Elaine:   Yes.

Akuyoe:  I thought, this is what James Cameron, who’s brilliant, you know, was referring to…..I think, exactly what you’re speaking of… It’s interesting! You could have been a consultant for that film. You know, because one of the things that fascinated me about Avatar was the ability for… those beings to be able to go through that time machine. You know, “sleep” and yet awaken in a whole other dimension.

Elaine:  Exactly. He did a magnificent job demonstrating visually and in story in a way that the population could understand and interpret a lot of the concepts that I talk about.

Akuyoe:  Absolutely.

Elaine:  And he just did it through this time-gate machine.

Akuyoe:  Yes. Yes.

Elaine:  And, what I’m saying is, you don’t need to go into one of those machines. Every individual has the capability. Some more; some less. Some with greater skills than others. Some with one kind of skill; some with others.  But I believe, we are all evolving into beings that will, and are becoming a part of that multi-dimensional world. So, let’s say, people are having many more experiences with synchronicity and coincidence.  They are getting more of their own guidance.  They are not calling it movement into a multi-dimensional world but, to me, that is exactly what it is….

Akuyoe:  The more synchronicities and coincidences are actually an evolutionary process and progress, would you say then?

Elaine:  I guess, I would. I haven’t thought about it that way. But yes, I would.  And, there are many other signs as well.


Akuyoe:  Right now, in the world, there is lots of upheaval and push for change.  I mean with all the occupied movements the whole world over and the seeming economic breakdown, how would you translate what’s happening in the world from an energetic or multi-dimensional perspective…or in terms of a being who understands it in so many dimensions. How? People are suffering, they’re hurting, and they’re scared. There’s a lot of fear. And, unfortunately, our leaders play into that fear, you know, to keep us all afraid! What do you say to someone about this?

Elaine:  To keep us all controlled.

Akuyoe:  There you go! That’s the word! So, what do you say to someone and how can this book help? What can you say to someone to whom this may all be a little bit WOO-WOO. But they know, just as you did, when you walked into that dinner party. They have a sense that there is more than what they are experiencing of themselves and that their life has more to offer. You know, what revelations, what understanding, Elaine? Can you please give us some insights that could be helpful?

Elaine: OK. Let me think here. The first thing I want them to understand is that we are in a time of transition, moving along this evolutionary path, what I call a an evolutionary path,  what others may call enlightenment or ascension…to a time  when we will be, perhaps fully energetic. But for now, we are still physical beings in physical bodies. We are going to retain that physical state but we’re going to become much more energetic than we ever were before.

In this transition phase lots of things have to change in order for us to move along that path. Unfortunately, they may not look pretty, they may not all feel good; they may not be of our liking or choosing. But we have to go through that. It’s like going through the birth process and birth is never easy; it is not pretty and it’s not painless and, yet, that’s the way our greatest gifts are born. That’s the way we change. In this instance, it’s like going into a chrysalis and coming out a butterfly and we’re going to be different on the other side. Now, in order to do that, there are lessons that we have to learn.  So, any place that any individual has any kind of stuckness, any issues that they haven’t resolved emotionally, anything that is not of a high enough frequency to match the new frequencies coming on the planet, that is where you may find yourself challenged.  And, you may have to face your fears or angers and move to the next place. The good news is that if you’re depressed or angry, if you hold on to old emotions for a very long time; anger, frustration, disappointment, jealousy, they are all emotional states of lower frequency.  They cannot exist in a field of high vibration and frequency. They just can’t. It’s like putting an ice cube in a glass of hot water.   What happens?

Akuyoe:  It melts.

Elaine:  It melts. OK. That’s a good metaphor to understand. You take the anger or jealousy or depression and you put it into an environment that’s loving, open , caring and joyful and the depression goes away.

Akuyoe:  Yes.

Elaine:  It may not stay away. But for that moment in time, you forget your depression and you changed. That’s exactly what’s happening. So, all those negative emotions, those non-serving emotions are coming out into the surface so that they can be healed. If you have a boil on your body, it has to come to the surface to burst, so that it can heal. You don’t want the boil hidden under the skin. It can’t heal there. It has to come out. Come into the air and then, it can be healed. That’s the way I see what’s happening. Now, I’ve talked about it for the person; let’s look at the planet, for a minute. You’ve got the same exact thing happening on the planet. You’ve got economic systems that are not working.

Akuyoe:  That’s right.

Elaine:  You’ve got social systems that are unjust.  You’ve got ecological systems etc. that are not working. In every area in our lives there are systems that need to change. Now, most people are looking at change just from the three dimensional physical perspective. They’re focusing on, “What can we do to change the situation in congress or our local government?”, or whatever it is. That’s an expression of the bigger issue of needing to change. Everything must get updated to a higher frequency. Now, why do we need the higher frequency? Because the new energies that are coming on the planet, whether we like it or not, whether we are conscious of it or not; are of a higher frequency and we’re walking around in them. They’re in us and around us, every minute of every day. Now, we can be aware of them or not. We can fight them or not. Now, if you fight them, you constrict. So, if you’ll imagine a pipe and you constrict that pipe, it gets smaller and smaller. Like a blood vessel it gets very small and the energies can’t get through. So, you can block those energies from coming in and you can stay in your depressed or fearful state if you want.. Or, you can open to them and then you can speed your evolution along so that the changes are smoother, easier, and quicker.  Let’s say you’re having trouble selling your house. And you, as many people today, can’t get what its worth in today’s market. You can hold on to that and be, absolutely, miserable or you can say to yourself and to the universe, “I am frustrated by this and it’s not what I wished for and I really wish that I could get the full value of my house, but I recognize that this is what exists right now and so, I’m gonna put out to the universe to give me the very best return I can on this house. But I’m not gonna walk around in a horrible state of unhappiness because that’s not gonna help my house sell.”

Akuyoe:  That’s right.

Elaine“In fact, if I actually shifted my state I might in fact draw a buyer that is able to pay more!”

Akuyoe:  That’s right.

Elaine:   Just because energies draw like energies!

Akuyoe:   That’s right. That’s right. You know, thank you for that, Elaine, because I’m ready to vote for you as president at this point. (laughs)

Elaine:  No, thank you!

Award-winning actor/author/educator Akuyoe Graham possesses an extraordinary gift – the ability to sit with society’s outcasts and rapidly guide them to a life-changing experience of their own Beauty of Being.

Akuyoe’s personal encounter with her transcendent inner beauty was the culmination of a long journey, which she re-enacts in her highly acclaimed one-woman show, Spirit Awakening. By animating the pivotal characters who influenced her along the way, Akuyoe takes audiences on her odyssey of Self-discovery – from tribal princess in her native Ghana, to British schoolgirl, to socialite-wannabe in New York, and finally back to her original African heritage and deeper spiritual Self.  Whether in a prison classroom with a dozen inmates – or on stage before hundreds of students or regular playgoers – Akuyoe’s archetypal journey electrifies audiences and inspires them to look beneath their own social masks to their unchanging inner essence.

Join us for part-two of Elaine’s interview series July 17th, 2012






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