November 20, 2012

What Ascension Means To Me By Wendy & Greg Zangari

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I have been reflecting a bit about the meaning of “ascension” for me (like you, I prefer to think of it as evolution) and my spiritual growth and evolvement over the last 30 years or so.

Long before I had heard of “ascension” (which has only been within about the last 2 years), I was aware of ideas about humanity’s  transition at the close of the age of Pisces to the new age of Aquarius. I had a few “otherworldly” experiences as a child (both positive and negative) that made me aware that life has many more dimensions to it than we see in our everyday 3D world. I assumed this transition would be a gradual, progressive development.

It was only when I started reading some of the ascension predictions published on a number of websites that I learned about the school of thinking around the end of the Mayan calendar and expectation of an instantaneous transition into the new 4D or even 5D reality that many in the new age community seemed to accept.

I found it rather difficult to accept the idea that all or part of humanity and the Earth itself would at once jump into an entirely positive higher dimensional reality where all sickness, fear, violence, and other negative experiences would be eliminated. Honestly, I wanted to believe it; I am a highly imaginative person with an optimistic streak, and if something sounds wonderful, I am usually happy to accept it at first.

But as I’ve gotten older, I’ve also gotten more cautious about buying unproven notions wholesale. I have to check things out–not just with my intuition or what my heart tells me, but also through research and my own God-given ability to reason. The possibility that I could fall into a trap of delusional thinking makes me very nervous.

You see, I have fallen into this trap more than a few times in my life because I have a trusting nature, and have learned the hard way the importance of discernment and questioning everything. “Questioning the guru,” as I like to call it, has not made me a popular person among the true believers, but it has given me a lot of information about various beliefs and insights into people’s behavior in a group.

So, back to ascension–when I learned of this idea, I started researching. The intent of my research is to find as much evidence as I can both for and against an idea. And I found some interesting information. For example, I learned that among Mayan scholars, it is generally accepted that the significant date of the ancient Mayan long-count calendar is not the end date (December 21, 2012) but the start date, which was a date of mythic or religious importance to the Maya. According to these scholars, the end date was just the result of counting forward so many calendar cycles from the start date. For the ancient Maya, then, the end date of December 21, 2012, was no more special than December 31 of any year in our current calendar system.

The article “The Great 2012 Doomsday Scare,” written by an astronomer, provides a good explanation of this (see; there are other, more detailed sources, too.

Apart from the insignificance of the Mayan calendar end date, I could not understand why people believed the ancient Maya had some special insight in this matter. I mean, the Maya also practiced human sacrifice, a practice that we find abhorrent today. So why, then, are the Maya revered for their supposed wisdom about the end of the age?

Another thing I researched was the notion of the sun/earth lining up with the galactic center on December 21, 2012. Suffice it to say, astronomers say this is bunk (see again

Now, I’m not skeptical about everything “new age.” I think, for example, that the evidence for otherworldly ET visitors, much of it from YouTube UFO videos and also some compelling first-person accounts, is quite persuasive. There’s loads of evidence of financial and other criminal and immoral activities by governments and the Catholic Church. I don’t need an “insider” report rife with anonymous sources to tell me that the banksters and the Vatican are criminals… this information is out in the open for everyone to see.

So, in regard to ascension or humanity’s spiritual evolution, do I believe this will happen in the space of a single day, about 3 months from now? No, I do not. The evidence shows that there’s nothing special about this date. Furthermore, life on this planet is still chaotic and troubled, though there are surely areas of light and goodness. But my mind cannot conceive of an overnight change in the attitudes and behaviors of 6 billion human beings (not to mention the many, many predatory species in the earth’s ecosystem–can we expect, for example, all carnivores to become vegetarians on December 22?).

The next question is, do I believe ascension is happening at all? And my answer is, yes. Certainly in my own life I am experiencing first-hand my own evolution. One example is in the area of manifestation. What I’ve experienced recently is being able to direct a lot more energy from the universe into my thoughts, and have the thing I am thinking about come into my 3D reality more quickly.

I highly recommend Tom Kenyon’s recent Hathor communication at  for more detailed information about manifestation techniques. I am finding that combining the Hathors’ technique with a couple other techniques I’ve learned over the years is improving and speeding up my manifestation results.

I am also finding that as a result of working more with universal energies and practicing how to direct them in specific ways (only for the highest good), I am feeling my own energy quickening–or my vibration raising. And in turn, I see my encounters with other people in the world improving. People are friendlier, and more positive “little stuff” happens throughout my day, like finding an open parking space when I need it or having an appointment open up at the right time.

Then there are plenty of examples of humanity’s evolution happening on a larger scale. Like the overwhelming response of the Libyan people showing their support for the US ambassador who was recently murdered. Or the “Arab spring” protests. Or the large grassroots coming together of people in my area and others in the 2012 presidential campaign. I am seeing so much positivity even in the face of the onslaught of negative media information and news about the many real difficulties people all over the world are contending with.

So… my point is that the signs of our evolution are everywhere. I trust my eyes, my experiences, my mind, and my heart to lead me. I also trust my higher guidance. Keeping the connection open to my higher self and source is essential. I take time to meditate every day, and I ask my guides to assist me in making decisions and solving various challenges in my life as they come up. I have learned through experience that the guidance that comes from my higher self and guides is really the clearest direction I can receive, far clearer and more relevant to me than any channeled information from a supposed ”master” or yet another self-improvement book. I think self-help information has its place and can be useful, but as I get older I find myself turning to such information much less often because it is just not as helpful to me as it once was.

I feel these are exciting times for humanity’s evolution, and I am grateful to be a part of it. WE human beings are the ones making ascension happen. Now we have the right conditions to support us in our evolution: We have more universal energy at our disposal and are becoming better equipped to work with it deliberately. The big jump is really for us human beings to release our dependence on the ”authorities” and our belief that something greater than us has the power and we are just awns to be moved around the game. We are equal players in the universe, and we need to step up and take our rightful place. We need to forget about the predictions, wean ourselves from our addictions to gurus and channelings and belief that the space brothers will save us, and just get on with it!

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