March 13, 2012

WHAT WILL HAPPEN IN 2012? Joseph Kony will be arrested.

Dear Friends,  There is a very powerful, disturbing and hope-inspiring video circulating on Facebook.  At first, I noted its importance, but was not going to post about it because it seemed too far from the subject of Energetics and Multi-Dimensionality, but as I listened more closely and felt the impact of the information and concept, [...]


March 5, 2012

2012; recalibration, adjusting to the changes. 2012; recalibration, adjusting to the changes.

Thank you Kryon for this extraordinary video commentary on the new energies coming on the planet now and for the next 18 or more years.  He shares what we humans can expect and offers some advice as to how to walk forward.  Please give yourself the time to listen to this powerful piece for even if [...]


February 29, 2012

Scarlet Fever: What will happen in 2012?


  Scarlet Fever: What Will Happen in 2012? An energetic perspective on the outbreak of this disease By Elaine Seiler Recently I learned that my grandson, age 5, living in Westchester, NY, had been diagnosed with scarlet fever. I was shocked. How was that possible? Hadn’t scarlet fever been eradicated? What does one do for [...]


February 23, 2012

SPRING CLEARING/ 2012 Style. By Elaine Seiler

energy3 (1)

Five Tips for Energetically Clearing Your Home This Spring As spring comes to the winter climates, we humans seem to come alive with vitality. We are suddenly driven to plant flowers, tidy our yards, and clean, clean, clean. As you physically clean out your closets, pack up your woollens and bring your spring clothes out [...]

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