March 2, 2012

RAP Yourself Into 2012

What is the language of energy? How is energy work done? What are the benefits? How can we interpret the world from an multi-dimensional perspective and much more…. For the answers read Elaine Seiler’s book Multi-Dimensional YOU ~ Exploring Energetic Evolution and use the companion volume Your Multi-Dimensional Workbook to develop your own perception of energetic [...]


February 29, 2012

Scarlet Fever: What will happen in 2012?


  Scarlet Fever: What Will Happen in 2012? An energetic perspective on the outbreak of this disease By Elaine Seiler Recently I learned that my grandson, age 5, living in Westchester, NY, had been diagnosed with scarlet fever. I was shocked. How was that possible? Hadn’t scarlet fever been eradicated? What does one do for [...]


September 26, 2011

Exploring Energetic Evolution (An Interview)

Hello friends! My interview with Joanna Harcourt-Smith was published last week and is up on the home page at FuturePrimitive.Org.  Click here to listen to the interview or click on the play button at the bottom of the article below. In this interview, I speak with Joanna about our multidimensionality, expanding the range of our lens of perception, the shift [...]

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