July 17, 2012

An Interview With Elaine Seiler By Akuyoe Graham. How To Handle Hard Times Energetically. (Part Two)

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Part Two… Here’s a special treat. Elaine Seiler was interviewed by Akuyoe Graham. This interview is full of exciting information about how Elaine learned all about energetics. This will be a three part interview. Subscribe to Elaine’s blog posts so you do not miss out on any part of this special interview. ~ TE Team

If you missed part one we recommend starting with the first part of the interview.

An Interview With Elaine Seiler By Akuyoe Graham. (Part Two)


Akuyoe: I just want you to speak a little bit more on how can people handle the challenges?  Please put it into language because your language expresses the ideas so beautifully. What can you do when all these things are breaking down? You’re a single mom and you just got laid off. Your house is going into foreclosure.; What do you do?

Elaine: Stop. One needs to stop, take a deep breath. Take another deep breath and try to get into as calm and neutral a place as you can. So, you’re not negative and you’re not positive about whatever is going on.

Akuyoe:  Neutral…

Elaine: Neutral space. And in that neutral space, once you’re there, then, you can bring in an image of an experience you had that was that’s positive and try, if you can to move yourself, even for just a few minutes, into that positive state. In the positive state, you’ll be able to draw into your mind the options, the actions that do exist. If you stay in the negative state, all you do is constrict. You get tighter and tighter and you start to spin and you just can’t…

Akuyoe: You don’t let anything in…

Elaine: That’s right.  Like an artery, the path becomes clogged and, then, you’re in trouble. So, you wanna open what I call, the energetic through-way.  Relax, Open.  Allow the energies to freely flow.  Then the inspirations, the solutions can and will come.  Much trust is required, but isn’t that better than feeling stuck, constricted and hopeless.

Akuyoe: Beautiful! The language, that’s another thing I love about Multi Dimensional You. Elaine, I feel you have a really extraordinary gift to language these ideas very, very beautifully. You, know, not only did you disseminate it in way that I can understand and that anyone can pick up your book and understand it. Your language did beautifully and in it you also give very clear, specific examples from your own life which I always I find very, very helpful. RECEIVING GUIDANCE.

Akuyoe: In your book I was really moved by your experience with Crystal Crusade for Peace. That touched my heart. Can you please tell our listeners what that was?

Elaine: Yes, I can. It was a wonderful interlude in my life. I was interested and intrigued by crystals. A friend approached me and said there was a quartz crystal mine in Arkansas that was going to be bought up by the microchip industry and all those beautiful crystals were going to get destroyed for to be used in computers. Computers are wonderful and we love them and we depend on them hugely, but, at that point, we we’re more interested in the crystals remaining as crystals. And so, a group of about 30 of us got together and we pooled our funds and, literally, purchased this quartz crystal mine. It was a really fun time. Not only did we mine and sell the quartz crystals, but we used to go down to Arkansas once a year and actually dig for crystals from our mine, which was great fun. Now, during this period, I had a very profound personal experience. I was walking on a path in a natural setting when I heard a voice in my head. That’s the only time that I had ever had that experience. And I heard very distinct words in my head which was, “Crystal Crusade for Peace”. I had never had those thoughts before. There was no question in my mind that I was hearing guidance of some sort. That was tremendously exciting to me because here I was at this holistic spiritual center, and other people around me had had similar experiences but I had never had one! So, I was thrilled! Now, when I heard the voice, I also saw an image – the image was of people around the earth holding a crystal for peace. And it was like an immediate download, like somebody had just placed this image in my head and I knew what I needed to do. So, I started a foundation, a non-profit organization; our mission was the distribution of quartz crystals around the globe. Why did we do that? A crystal holds and emanates energy. It’s a magnifier of energy. It’s a distributor of energy and if you take a crystal and you pray over it and you infuse it with your prayer for world peace, it carries that vibration and holds it just like a radio crystal emanates radio waves and the crystals in our computers.  I don’t know more about the mechanics. So, please anybody listening – this is not about giving a technical description. But I know that they hold and emanate and magnify energy waves. So, I created a package called, The Peace Crystal and on the package were the words, “Celebrate peace, P-E-A-C-E, with a piece, P-I-E-C-E, of the earth. “Celebrate peace with a piece of the earth”. Included in the package was a little meditation on what to do with your crystals and every box contain a small hand-holder crystal about 2 inches long, a beautiful piece of quartz crystal that came from our mine in Arkansas. Over a period of 10 years, we distributed about 100,000 crystals around the globe, from the Kremlin to Washington,DC and, etc.

Akuyoe: That’s amazing.

Elaine: Very, very powerful and, I know many other people during those years were also guided to take crystals to various parts in the globe. They went to Machu Piccio and they went to Tibet and they went, wherever there were sacred sites. They went to areas where there was trouble, where there was war and they put those crystals there. So, a lot of us doing this work behind the scenes to support positive change on the planet

Akuyoe: That’s extraordinary, Elaine.

Elaine: And, of course, it’s interesting to look back on now that I’m doing energy work now. I didn’t use the same language for it then. So, my sense is that I’ve been doing this kind of energy balancing and harmonizing work all my life, but, it’s only now that I am able to articulate what the energy work really means and how it works.  When I first started I have no words for any of this. The power of our words…….Proof of the power of words. The intangible becomes tangible.  The invisible becomes visible

Akuyoe: Part of the challenge with having a human incarnation is that we’ve been taught to have so much reliance with what we see with the five senses. The five senses are actually very finite and very limited. You know, I, often, find myself frustrated because I love language and, yet, sometimes words really do fail me because there’s something that wants to be expressed and I cannot find the words for it because words, by their very nature, are very finite…

Elaine: Exactly.

Akuyoe: .. and to express infinity, “finitely”, is quite a challenge! (laughs)

Elaine: Beautifully said! One of the things that I recently read beautifully illustrates the invisible power of words. … Doreen Virtue and her son have written a little book called, Angel Words.  In it she visually demonstrates that different words have different frequencies and she actually shows the shape of the frequencies on a physical chart.

Akuyoe:  Do you have any examples from Doreen Virtues’ book?

Elaine: Yes. Doreen tested the frequencies of a variety of words,; she discovered that  positive words, like love, caring, beauty etc. Create a more expansive signature on a graph.  The machine she used was a bit like a heart monitor.  It created a physical image on a graph.  The images created by measuring the words frequencies looked like angels. And, that’s why she calls the book, Angel Words.  For me, I would say that the positive words have a higher frequency than the negative words. Another visible demonstration of the power of our words  is found in the work of the Japanese Professor Masuru Emoto.  Prof Emoto discovered a way to take photographs of frozen water molecules

Akuyoe:  Yes!

Elaine: Every photograph, i.e., every water molecule looks different.  The images of water crystals from clean, pure water sources are symmetrical and beautiful.  The images of water taken from polluted streams and rivers are distorted formations and actually shockingly ugly.

Akuyoe: Yes. Yes.

Elaine:  And then, he went on to test the power of words and prayer to effect water.  Water that had been prayed over changed from ordinary looking crystal shapes to beautiful images.  He also taped a wide range of words on the outside of several glasses of water.  Over and over again, he demonstrated that positive words, love, light, I love you, I care about you etc. created water that when photographed revealed beautiful, well-shaped crystal molecules.  When the words like anger/ hate, war, I hate you, jealously, were placed on the glasses of water, the photographs of water from these glasses were horrible looking.  His experiments were consistent and very impactful.  …

Akuyoe: Yes.

Elaine: And so, here was a visual demonstration of the effects of thought.. So it’s very important thing for people to recognize. If anyone has a hesitation or lack of belief that your thoughts, words, and prayers might or might not have an effect.  I invite you to look up his book or see his videos on line. Think about those water molecules and how they really changed when Prof Emoto put the word anger on a glass of water, the images were distorted and not pretty. When he taped pieces of paper with positive words on the glasses of water, those images became beautiful crystalline structures. I think that graphic is pretty fabulous.

Join us for the third and final part of Elaine’s interview with Akuyoe on July 24th.

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About the interviewer…

Akuyoe Graham

Akuyoe has become an icon, a way-shower, and a mentor to hundreds of youth who long to find their way back to themselves.  Under her liberating influence, people of all ages who have forgotten their youthful vision of life’s greater possibilities, are able to reconnect with that original spirit, recast their current condition in a new light, and dream again of who they truly are and can be in the world. And because her presence resonates with ‘the better angels of their nature,’ participants in Akuyoe’s Writes of Passage program are imbued with a new confidence in their abilities and a stronger commitment to fulfill their greater potential.Through the reach of her organization Spirit Awakening Foundation, graduates of her program have used their newly acquired life-skills to improve their grades, their relationships, and their roles in their communities.  Some have since gone on to study at prominent universities and to become teachers, poets, and business professionals.

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