February 26, 2012

Solar flares: a hidden cause of your emotional outbursts……..


  Thank you Mitch Battros (<> “Exactly what is a solar flare? ?A solar flare is a magnetic storm on the Sun which appears to be a very bright spot and a gaseous surface eruption such as in the above photograph. Solar flares release huge amounts of high-energy particles and gases that are tremendously hot. ?They [...]


February 22, 2012

2012 To Do List


With thanks to Denise Le Fay    2012 TO DO LIST      2012 is the last year of the twenty-five yearlong (1987 to 2012 Winter Solstice) galactic alignment (conjunction) of our Winter Solstice Sun to the galactic axis. Be ready to let go of whatever limiting patriarchal belief systems, religious beliefs, personal identity beliefs, any residual lower emotions [...]


February 10, 2012

Abraham Hicks Talks About The Paradigm Shift


A clear, powerful, and informative visual and auditory presentation on the mind and Source…I love the two metaphors presented in this short video. They are wonderful for clarifying a challenging concept. Thank you Esther Hicks and Abraham. Enjoy…….Elaine


February 8, 2012

The Power of 11.11.11. Will Continue On


I am aware that 11.11.11 has long gone, but the information re. the energies and changes that were initiated on that day are still relevant.  I am therefore sharing it with you today to shed light on the whole year before us. ~Magickal Graphics~ Thank you to Archangel Michael as channeled through Rev. Nina Roe.( [...]

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