July 24, 2012

An Interview With Elaine Seiler By Akuyoe Graham.THE BLENDED STATE, WHAT IS IT? (Part Three)

This is the third and final part of the interview with Elaine Seiler by Akuyoe Graham. We highly recommend reading part one and two first.

Part One Learning About Energetics. Part Two How To Handle Hard Times Energetically

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Akuyoe : And, then, you speak about being fully blended. I wanna try to get everything in before our time is up. Can you speak about that? What does that mean being ‘fully blended’?

Elaine: OK. I talked in the book about stages. The first being just awakening to this larger reality.  The second being a bridge state where you, have one foot in each world. The next phase would be blended, meaning, you’re actually more present, focused on and involved with that energetic realm than you are with the physical realm. And then, of course, the next stage, after that, might be being purely energy. We’re not there yet.

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine: Right. So, being fully blended is just a greater evolution of your energetic focus and awareness. It happened to me gradually. You know, I’m still very much a 3d mother, grandmother, you know, sister, friend. I still live a very 3D physical life. But my focus, my thoughts, my awareness is very much in the energetic realm. So if, something happens in my day, I’m gonna think about it energetically. Whereas, at certain points in my evolution, when I was more in the bridge state or more in the 3D state, I would have thought about it more from a 3D perspective. I still waffle. I still go along the spectrum and it depends a great deal on whom I’m with and how much is going on in my life, how tired I might be?, how much I’m being used and what’s necessary at that moment.  I don’t know about being fully blended. Rather I believe we are more or less blended and we  just move along a spectrum.

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine : It’s a continuum.

Akuyoe: It’s a continuum. You know, as you were speaking, I couldn’t help but think, Elaine, of some of the work I’m doing with incarcerated youth. So many of them, have brilliant minds, you know. Part of the issue, as I see it, is that you have these children and some of them just really don’t know how to language or to talk about what they experience in terms of the largeness and the expansiveness of their own being. And because for the most part, their environment does not support that, does not understand that, I think, this is one of the reasons that they sometimes lash out and do the things they do! So, as you were speaking, I couldn’t help but think, “Oh, my goodness, if we could just bring this to our children!” You know, it’s really not bringing it to them because, I think, it’s in all of us. They have it.

Elaine: They have it already.

Akuyoe : They have it but the awareness and the acceptance of it and the space for them to  express in this way. Could you speak to that a little bit, Elaine?

Elaine: Yeah, I think, it would really be quite wonderful. I think  right now there is a lot of lashing out, a lot of discomfort because many people, young and old just don’t understand what they are experiencing. There’s an analogy, I came up with recently, and that I really think is really helpful. If you’re on a treadmill and you’ve set the speed to go at certain pace. Suddenly your trainer comes along and  unbeknownst to you, amps up the speed. What happens?  You have to start to run to stay upright, right?

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine: And, it really throws you. It’s not comfortable.

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine: And it could be too much for you.

Akuyoe: Yes!

 Elaine: And you might fall down or you might get angry that you’ve been pushed!

Akuyoe : That’s right.

Elaine : “Don’t push me! I can’t handle it right now! Don’t push me! There’s too much happening here!” I think there’s a lot of that right now. Some of the anger that the people are feeling because they don’t understand. Nobody came along and said, “Look, it’s gonna really be good for you to try to pace yourself against this higher speed. Just give it a new try. We’ll do it very gradually. Do it as much as you can. Instead, it just happened!” Nobody turned on the big sign on Broadway and said, “Guess, what folks? Life’s changing here!”

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine : And so, most of the world is going around and not understanding it.

Akuyoe: And yet, you know, I agree. You’ve said it , with the boil analogy. We have a boil, it has to come up to the surface of the skin for it to burst and then heal. If it’s hidden it cannot heal. It looks like a lot boils are coming out in society right now!

Elaine: A lot of boils!

Akuyoe: You know many cultures around the world. Maybe because I’m a woman. I’ve become really aware of all the cultures that really oppress and  vilify women, mutilate women. Still there are cultures and villages around the world where women are not just second-class citizens; they are women are tortured. And, you know, so I’m becoming aware all of these things that are just coming up to the light! So we can all see them and not be in denial of them anymore.

Elaine: Exactly.

Learning to Trust

Akuyoe:  I want to make sure that your information is accessible to as many people as possible… if someone is neutral about all of this or  they don’t trust themselves. Elaine, if in a nutshell,  “What would be a good beginning, a first step for someone who says, “OK. How do I begin? What do I do to begin to trust myself?”

Elaine:  Beautiful question. (long pause) I believe that making the decision first that you want to to trust.  That would be the first step.

Akuyoe: Beautiful.

Elaine:  And, do it in a very, you know, gentle way. A long time ago I had a teacher who said, “If you can’t choose to do something, choose to choose it and if you can’t choose to choose it, choose to choose to chose to choose it.” and so, you can do it in gradual steps. .

Akuyoe: Yes.

Elaine: And, the choice, the first step might be to state to oneself and the universe: “I really would like, I really want to trust myself more.” OK. Now, we have that. That’s the intention. It’s now been set. Someone said something very interesting to me yesterday. They said when you go to a restaurant, you order your food and you don’t sit around and wonder whether if it’s gonna come or not.  You just expect that it is going to come.

Akuyoe:  That’s very true.

Elaine: You trust that it’s gonna come; you know from experience that it is going to come.  OK. We need to start adapting that kind of a belief. “I trust that I am going to be able to know what’s right for me, what’s effective for me, what is appropriate for me? I trust that I am going to be able to trust myself.” OK. Now, you’ve set belief and your intention. Then, as you go forward, pay attention …slow down enough to pay attention to the little things. Watch what happens in your day. Three times during the day, you notice the same  billboard sign or you pass the same word  written in grafiti on the side of a building.  You never noticed it before.  Or maybe, you become aware of a simple STOP sign.  Maybe at the end of that day or maybe when you are noticing it for the third time you think to yourself,”Oh, I’ve never noticed  that  sign before. Oh, look there’s one over there.  I’ve never noticed that before either!” What do you think that might mean? It might mean,”STOP! JUST STOP! TAKE A BREAK! GO BACK TO THAT NEUTRAL SPACE! BE IN THE QUIET OF THE STOPPED PL

You can’t trust yourself  if you don’t  sense/feel, what is coming through you. If you slow down a little bit or you stop when the message says, STOP! then, you may get just a little piece of information. “I think I need to call my aunt. Gosh, I don’t know why I need to call her. Oh, I’m too busy, I’ll call her tomorrow!” No. Stop. Make the call. Find out what your aunt has to say to you because she may have exactly the message that you need to hear at that moment.

Negative Guidance.  Dealing with the negative voice in your head. 

Akuyoe: In closing …  This keeps coming up, so, I’m going to stop and pay attention to it. In the book, Multi Dimensional You, you also speak about Guides.

Elaine: Yes.

Akuyoe:  So, let me put this to you, then, Elaine. What of people who say, “Well, my guides tell me to do terrible things” or, you know, often times, you hear, again, on the news or people who says, “Well, my guides told me to do this”, or, “The devil made me do it!!!” You know, I would just like you to speak to that a little bit because you’re so obviously not coming from that place. You know, so that’s why I want you to talk about this…

Elaine: Right! It’s very alien to me that process of thought but I know it’s there and it is out in the field. I believe that we each have guides who really are there to support us in a positive way. They change throughout our lifetimes and they guide us in different ways. They can be a relative, a deceased relative. They can be an angel, they can be a native American shaman… they come in many forms. To me, it’s not a guide, if it’s telling you to do something negative. It’s something else.

Akuyoe: Yes.

Elaine: I am not gonna say that there are no negative forces in the universe. Yes, there are. If you tune in to that and you focus on that and you live in fear of that, then, that, may be what comes up in your life.

Akuyoe: Yes.

Elaine: If you have a voice in your head telling you to do something negative. I would  tell it to go away. Tell it that it has no power over you. It has no right to be in your head.

Akuyoe: Yes.

Elaine: And you say, “Go the light! Go to the light. Get out on my head. I will not listen to you. You don’t have a place here!”

Akuyoe: Yes. Yes. Yes.

Elaine: And that is your responsibility to do that.

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine: And if you have fear or concern about acting and functioning in that realm, I would say, try to find someone who is spiritually aware. It might be a minister; it might be a psychic friend.  It could come in many forms to just hold your hand while you walk the path of getting rid of that negative voice in your head.

Akuyoe: Beautiful. Beautiful.

Elaine: That’s what I would offer there.

Akuyoe: Beautiful.

Elaine: They don’t have any place, anymore, here.

Akuyoe:  That’s right…

Elaine: Maybe, they served a purpose at sometime. I don’t know. And remember, we’re moving in to this higher vibration…

Akuyoe: Frequency…

Elaine: So, they are not gonna be able to survive.

Akuyoe: In that new faster frequency?

Elaine: Yes.

Akuyoe:  That’s right.

Elaine: All you have to do is to give them a nice kick and little nudge to get out of your head and out of your field. And, I think that, probably,  given what we’ve said; they should be easier to get rid of it than ever before if you stay on the high side of a vibrational spectrum.

Akuyoe: That’s right. I remember when I first moved into the home that I’m living in now I didn’t feel I was  in tune with certain energies.  I did exactly what you said. I just said, “You know, unless you’re about love, get out!” You know, I just said, “This is the home of love. So, if you’re not about love… Sorry!” I was very clear, you know. I haven’t experienced those particular negative energies ever again.

Elaine: People who are just starting could get some quartz crystals and put them around the house. They could go and buy some sage and they can light that sage every couple a days and ask.  “I ask that this home and this space or this workplace, or whatever it is they’re functioning in, be cleared of all energies other than light, and love, and positivity.” That will be helpful because we’re human, and we do express our negative feelings, which come up from time to time…

Akuyoe: Sure.

Elaine: It’s normal. Then, you do want to clear your space periodically. If you don’t have crystal or sage or frankincense or some sort of incense, you can just literally walk around your house as you did and say, “I ask whatever the powers I believe in…” Go to wherever you are comfortable. You could ask Jesus, if that’s who you call to. If you worked with Kwan Yin, call in Kwn Yin, Buddha or Mary….

Akuyoe: That’s right.

Elaine: And if you don’t believe in any of those beings, that’s OK, too. Call in the high frequencies, strictly, physical, energetic frequencies that are now proven in Quantum Physics. So, you don’t have to go to that esoteric place if you don’t want to and if that’s not comfortable for you, don’t go there. Just ask that the higher energies, that I talked about, to come in your space and clear out the negativity.

Akuyoe: Yes. Beautiful.

Elaine: And hopefully that will help

Akuyoe Graham’s distinctive career as an actor, Akuyoe has worked with Harry Belafonte, Lanford Wilson, Charlton Heston, William Hurt and other notables.  She was seen in the classic teen comedy American Pie, played opposite Marisa Tomei in the psychological thriller Danika and has been seen in countless commercials.  Current independent films include “Faith and Dreams”; the best comedy short “Switchboard” and “Guardian of Eden.” She is the author of the “The Little Book of Transformation,” and is the new host of the talk show “Behind The Words” for The Africa Channel.  Akuyoe’s critically acclaimed play “Spirit Awakening is in development to be made into a feature film.

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