February 17, 2012

The Moment is Now; the Future is Ours to Create…


Dear Multi-Dimensional Friends, Attached is a channeling by Celia Fenn. The viewpoint expressed is very similar to mine and sheds light on some of the issues facing all of us as we move into the next dimension. I found it interesting; I hope it is helpful to you. Thanks Celia for sharing with us. Living [...]


February 11, 2012

11/11/11 RESET reality

SOLARA’S SURF UPDATE: JANUARY 27, 2012 In January we have been making numerous adjustments so we can live in the Post 11/11/11 RESET reality. We are learning that there’s a fine balance between utilizing the wisdom of our past experiences and being wide open to the New. We are starting to see  more of the [...]


February 4, 2012

Elaine Seiler Interviewed By Anthony Duva Of Insider Magazine Radio.


Hi all, another interview coming up. I will be talking with Anthony Duva of Insider Magazine Radio. He will also be broadcasting on KCLA 99.3 FM Los Angeles, KTYM 1460 AM Los Angeles, and KPRO 1570 AM San Bernadino at 2:30 EST so you will be able to catch the show wherever you live. On [...]


February 3, 2012

2012 Is About Sensing And Living Differently

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I loved this video for it so clearly demonstrates what I call ‘seeing differently’or being able to sense past the physical situation. In this video, the main character sees behind the exterior of the situation to the emotional reality. I, however, take the metaphor even deeper. I suggest we put on our multi-dimensional spectacles and learn [...]


January 31, 2012

Preparing for the Earth’s Shift


  Photo courtesy of Preparing for the Earth’s Shift: with thanks to Elizabeth Diamond of the Diamond Lantern web site and the Monroe Institute of Remote Viewing: “The preparation is taking place and has been taking place. Your preparation has been taking place for many lifetimes. Therefore it is not a matter of preparation. [...]


January 24, 2012

2012 Requires More Trust Than You’ve Ever Had Before!


Aquarius New Moon:   Let the Dragon Roar! Enjoy this powerful & inspiring description of 2012 from a Chinese, Astrological and Numerological perspective. It is also a very good view from an energetic perspective.   The references to the importance of flow & rapidity of time are two of the many ways that the unseen energies translate in [...]


January 22, 2012

A short, but powerful view of our world…….

Filed under: 2012 — by Elaine @ 9:15 am

Will you survive the transition of human industrial civilization happening now due to peak oil and climate change? Can you see the forest for the trees, the earth for the dream, the universe for the seed? Anima Mundi is an innovative documentary about the planetary animal called Gaia and the human animal we deny, we [...]


January 21, 2012

End of the Mayan Calendar?

A fascinating article by Carl John Calleman, Mayan Calendar Expert, leads me to share the following: The Mayan calendar ostensibly ended on Oct 28, 2011. What happens now? Though the Mayan number system ended on Oct 28th, the wave of energy (what I call ‘other dimensional energy’ and Calleman calls ‘the ninth wave’ ) is [...]


January 4, 2012

2012: Year of Power


A beautiful and inspiring message for the coming year 2012 – from Lee Harris .

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